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Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by jetoney, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. jetoney

    jetoney Guest


    This has been one helluva road!
    With Opus's kind help I have built THE rig
    ASUS P4B266(not sure if it is 845 or 845d)
    512 DDRRAM PC100(corsair-that's right Opus I swicthed it, just in case)
    Matrox g550
    2-X-WD 7200 ATA 100 drives[1 onboard controller master(apps) -one on TX-2 master(audio)]
    Plextor 24/10/40 IDE(secondary master onboard)
    Sony 52X CDROM(salve to app onboard)
    Promise TX-2 ATA100/133 controller

    Here is the issue :
    It will boot up fine at 1.6, when I overclock
    to 2133 it fails to boot into windows at the windows startup point. I then cleared CMOS , reformatted, put all my stuff in it, then overclocked it, and it worked! Then, I did the tweeks a few at a time, and it still booted fine. then, I did the tweaks in the systems window and then the problem came back. what's going on here? is this a motherboard issue? is this a windows issue? As far as the tweaks go, or is this a overclocking issue? Just need a little help here. It always hangs at the starting Windows 2000 line, and reboots itself; over and over.

    Thanx in advance,

  2. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! This cant be!! WTF!!! We had it going great!! Even with my personal hands on touch?!! AAARRGGHHHH!! If two systems of mine(exactly the same setup) can handle this than yours should as well...At this point I would say you have a bum motherboard in some way! That's the only thing I can think of at this point...The tweaks you do are what I do, correct? I'm confused man.... :eek:
  3. jetoney

    jetoney Guest

    I know ! I know!
    I am beside myself.
    It was doing that driver error thing at shutdown(also would not shut down but would reboot) , so I reinstalled , then it was fine.
    Overclocked it, it was still fine.
    then did the tweaks and boom, something went
    wrong around about the systems tweaks. I am bummed, and I don't know what to do. where should I go from here?
  4. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Get one of those cool little screw top cases you got me full....and come on over!! lol!!
    By the way....Reason 2.0? How cool does that look man!! Dont bother learning 1.0 now J!!! lmao!!
  5. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Did you try to goose the voltage to the CPU a little bit? If the hardware monitor shows your voltage dipping below 1.5V ( mine was 1.47V ) you can adjust voltage manually up a little. Try two clicks up in the bios to 1.55V and see what happens. Thats what Intel does when they overclock, err, I mean produce higher Mhz chips. :D
  6. jetoney

    jetoney Guest

    You get me out of this case and on to some tracking and you'll be heading to Home Depot for
    a wheelbarrow, forget about the screw case.

    Reason 2.0 looks great, and I can't wait to get into that program.

    Tommy ,
    Thank You for the tips, I will give it a go.

    I will update soon.
  7. jetoney

    jetoney Guest

    My voltage was dipping below 1.5(1.47-like yours), but I believe Opus's was too. However, the SOB is now booting in to Windows(with me turning it up to 1.55. Tommy , how do you burn a system in? Is there an Application
    I can run to test this thing hard for a couple hours and then test it again?
    Maybe I see a light at the end of the tunnel!
    Could be headlights and the bastard is about to run me over; again.!
  8. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Get Sandra . You can use the adware or the basic version for free. Its a great set of utilities for testing benchmarking, and finding info about your rig. Thers a burn-in module for exposing your computers weakness or strength under load.

    Builders like to burn-in thier machines to test them.
    Overclockers have found, that burning in a rig makes it more stable, and allows higher and stabler clocking after the burn in period.

    Audiophiles burn in thier cables and equipment and actually hear a difference in the equipment afterwards.

    Edit: burning in is usually done at defaults before overclocking. I was a little impatient and went to tha max right away with my rig. :D
  9. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    2.4Ghz at 600FSB? Goosing voltage to 1.5V..Burning in...what kindof crazy talk is going on here!! ha ha ha ha!!
    Ya know, what ever happened to simplistic terminology and conversations!! LMAO!! It's funny, my mom looks at me and my brother-in-law when we talk about computers and she says..what happened to you guys talking about football? I only understand every 7th word you guys say!! hee hee
    So, Tommy...OC'd to 2.4 at 600FSB..I'm sure Sandra is telling you to lower the FSB aint it?!! lol
    If my system is working like a charm without changing to voltage in my BIOS why isnt Jason's system working and why does he need to change the voltage? Hmmm? Interesting aint it? Does this have to do with the fact that his P4 chip was made in some country I forget and mine was made in Malaysia? Anybody? Steve(aka Rambling Red Kneck)? Tommy?
    Opus :D
  10. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Lol, I think burning in is better than burning out. :D
    Tommy P.
  11. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    so I got lucky the two times I bought my P4 from Mwave and got two Malaysia procs!! Poor Jason missed out!! Awwwww :D
    This is some good stuff ya know mon!
  12. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Ya mon, its Saw Palmetto, and St John's Wort for me now, ya know. Ha Ha Ha Ha getting old suks. I actually broke my 24yr fasting a coupla months ago. Playin that "American Beauty" drama over here now.

    Sandra actually discovered my rigs instability, so I was able to fix it at 1.55 volts. I wonder what voltage Intel sells the P4 2.2 at?
    Must be close to 1.6.
  13. jetoney

    jetoney Guest

    Okay ,
    Mine is Costa Rica as well. Coincidence! I think not, it is plain simple. The first time I ever heard about OC'ing, everyone was on a rampage looking for Malaysian chips , is this the case now? What the hell are those guys doing over
    there that makes their chips so ripe for OC.
    Opus, I can not believe you got Malaysia before and after me. Well onward, will I still be able to work this thing or should I try to get the Malaysian chip. Tommy, you say Sandra will burn for me with the module, should I back down to the
    defaults(1600x100 @1.50) to run Sandra burn in? If I do will it expose the problem like it did yours?
    And finally, is it okay to run at this voltage and what should I tweak next to see where it will go? Just call me Dr. Frankenstein.
  14. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Your rig was unstable at the 1.5V setting, which actually showed up as 1.47 in the hardware monitor( if you can trust those readings LOL, the temps are stuck at 40C???).
    So you should go up a step at a time and let Sandra run in a loop, with just the arithmetic, multimedia, and memory bandwidth modules selected. If there are no reported errors, you should be able to run all the tracks and plug-ins the rig can handle without worries.
    So try 1.52V and see what happens, or just stay at 1.55V, you won't hurt the chip all the way up to 1.65V IMO. You can run Sandra continuously till the next day to check stability.. Hysterisis damage at those voltages should be a non issue, at least not for the next 20 years or so. You'll probably upgrade by then....
  15. jetoney

    jetoney Guest

    Thanks for your quick response .
    Should I run Sandra OC'd(2133) or at 1.6a?
    I think I will leave it at 1.55. Also , will the loop mode be obvious in Sandra?

    Thanks in advance,
  16. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Use 2133 to save time. Check the run continuously box and select normal as the run priority.

    2128 :D
  17. CustomProd

    CustomProd Guest

    Jetoney -

    I ran across this paragraph at overclockers.com It was listed in the Beginners Guide under Memory: "

    So for stress-testing your most finicky piece of hardware, you're going to again make use of the Burn-In Wizard provided by Sandra. I simply run the Memory benchmark in a loop about 30 times - 50 if I have the time. Sometimes it will simply generate an error and close, and sometimes it will reboot your computer for you if your RAM is unstable. But in any case, you'll know it's not. Usually if your RAM survives 30 loops, it'll survive 99 (Test if you like to make sure) This is the pickiest RAM test I've seen and run to date."

    From what I read, if the RAM is not stable and it's being pushed too hard, it causes auto-reboots.

    Just thought I'd let you know what I found.

  18. jetoney

    jetoney Guest

    Thanks Custom,

  19. Jon Best

    Jon Best Active Member

    One thing that comes to mind is that when Celerons were the main overclocker's chip, they all varied by how far you could push them. If you go to hardocp.com and look up a particular rig on the forums, you can find ten guys with the exact or almost exact same rig, and all ten of them will have different absolute maximum clock speeds. I guess they're all in tolerance for the rated speed, but when you push it, all bets are off.

    It's all in the genes!

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