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old songs on old hard drive.....

Discussion in 'Recording' started by imagineaudio, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. imagineaudio

    imagineaudio Active Member

    I got this computer laying around with about 75 ideas and songs on there.....help!

    When I plug the computer in the back side of the case becomes live and shocking to the touch......figure maybe a bad power supply or something grounding to the motherboard.......

    what i want to do is take the hard drive out and slave it to my inernet pc.........not really sure how to do this

    I've installed the hard drive in the computer and plugged everything but my bios doesnt "see" it......

    can anybody help? don't know much about these damn things 8)
  2. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    Depending on your operating system this may or may not work, take the drive that has your songs on it and move the jumper on the back of the drive from the Master to the Slave position. Now install the drive on the middle plug position of one of the IDE cables. Go into your BIOS and set it to auto detect IDE the drive.
    This will have you set up correctly and the BIOS should recognize it but if it was your C: drive from the old computer, Win95 through ME won't let you have more than one drive labled as C:. XP and 2K ignore drive lables and should allow you to access it.

    I would try to figure out what is wrong with your old PC as it sounds like a short is present in the PS if your getting shocked. Try another PS but whatever you do don't touch the case to test for voltage, use a VO meter. Remember saftey first, if you don't know what your doing take it to someone who does.

    I'm sorry to say but whatever caused this problem with old PC may have cooked your HDD so you may not be able to retreive anything.

    If you need more help just post in the DAW forum.
  3. imagineaudio

    imagineaudio Active Member

    Hey man, thanks for the tips.....got it all figured out now, HDD still works....

    I wanted to do it this way because that computer is a 533mhz celeron with 256mb Ram and a 20 gb drive

    my internet computer is a 450 PIII with 192mb ram and a 6gb drive....

    I figure after I get the files and software i want off the drive I can format it and ad it to this system, as well ubgrade the ram.....

    ....then when I get my new interface, I can put the old one in the PIII....

    THanks again man, for the help
  4. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    No problem, glad I could help and good luck to you.

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