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Only getting sound out of one monitor....can someone help?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by bauhaus77, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. bauhaus77

    bauhaus77 Guest

    I purchased a pair of m-audio studiophile BX5 monitors and hooked them up to my m-audio 410 firewire audio interface. The problem is that I'm only getting sound out of one of the monitors. The TRS inputs are running from the monitors to the analog 1 and 2 inputs. Apparently the analog 1 input is doing its job, but no luck with the second. I tried plugging the trs cables into the line inputs, but had no luck with that. Can anyone advise me as to what I have to do to get sound out of both monitors?


  2. heyman

    heyman Guest

    process of elimation. Try pluging the working analog 1 input into the other speaker to see if the actual speaker is busted. If it doesnt work, take the speakers back, if it does, it could be analog 2 wire, could be the firewire interface...
  3. bauhaus77

    bauhaus77 Guest

    Thank you

    Thanks for the reply. I suppose I will just experiment around until I either get it working, or come to the realization that the monitor is broken.

  4. drumrob

    drumrob Active Member

    <<The TRS inputs are running from the monitors to the analog 1 and 2 inputs.>>

    I assume here you meant that you are routing the analog 1 and 2 OUTPUTS to the speakers? Just making sure...

    Otherwise, I know the Firewire 410 has a software mixer to control it. Have you checked that mixer control panel to make sure that signal is being routed to both outputs 1 and 2? Also that you don't have them both panned left? Beyond, that I agree that checking one component at a time is the way to narrow down your problem.

    Good Luck!


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