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Pan problems with emu 1820m

Discussion in 'Recording' started by maestrobeatz, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. maestrobeatz

    maestrobeatz Guest

    Hello ??????

    How are you doing? Can I ask you a question about how to set up the pan during audio recording. I'm more a composer then a engineer and I'm having some problems to setup some new gear. Somehow I'm loosing sound in the centre of the sound spectrum.

    Can you tell me of my sound-chain is setup right for panning.

    I start with a stereo sound of [for example] a piano. It is generated from a sound module and connected with 1/4 balanced jacks into two mono strips from a mixer. In the mixer I setup the pan in the left mono strip to fully left and the right mono strip to fully right.
    The stereo output of the mixer is then connected to a soundcard - EMU 1820m - into my PC. Here the sound is going threw a bus system and I only know that you always have to setup buses fully left and fully right.
    In the PC - Cubase SX3 software - I setup the pan in two mono strips in the centre.

    Is this right what I'm doing with the different possibilities for pan?

    How to pan two mono strips in a mixing board for a incoming stereo sound? Do I pan them fully left and right or do you pan them in the centre?

    How to pan the stereo bus in the soundcard for a incoming stereo sound? Is it correct to pan them fully left en right? The soundcard communicate with Cubase SX3 threw ASIO 2.

    How to pan the stereo strip in Cubase? I think there is no other way then to pan this to the centre.

    Is it better to work with two separate mono strips for a stereo sound or can I take a single stereo strip? Does it make any differents?

    I do hope you have some time to answer my questions, I really appreciate your help.

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