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Panning help

Discussion in 'Recording' started by 1Shot, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. 1Shot

    1Shot Guest

    ok im using adobe audition and i can't figure out how to do the 360* pan. I cant remember how i did it a long time ago, but i searched through every affect and couldnt find it. I tried the merry-go-round, but that didn't work right

    i want it to starts from like... the left ear then go around to the right and back to the left
  2. natural

    natural Active Member

    I assume that you're operating in some kind of surround mode? (does audition offer surround mixing?)
    What does the manual say regarding surround panning?
  3. 1Shot

    1Shot Guest

    i have no idea i aint trying to read no manual lolz...
    its a simple question.. how to make the sound go from 1 ear to the next

    if u dont know how to do it with adobe then how can i do it with a diff program
  4. natural

    natural Active Member

    We generally try to help those that try to help themselves.
    Many come here with Kracked software or don't want to put in any work on their own.

    In answer to your 2nd question:
    "if u dont know how to do it with adobe then how can i do it with a diff program"
    Even if we didn't know how to do it in adobe, you could still do it with another program. One issue is not related to the other.

    It is easy to do a simple pan in Audition but you're asking about a 360 degree pan which implies something completely different.

    Your lesson for today is to look up Panning and Surround in the manual.
  5. 1Shot

    1Shot Guest

    im not reading no manual lol i barly understand that stuff
    if this is for help then u teling me to read the manual isnt help

    i just want it to start from the left then start moving tward the right ear ;

    it dont have to 360 jus go from 1 ear to another
  6. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    The whole point in a manual/reference guide is that it tells you how to do a certain thing. You don't need to read it all, just look up one tiny part. Which part? Well...

    "it dont have to 360 jus go from 1 ear to another"
    So you're not working in surround, but in stereo. All you want is to automate a pan and go from one channel to the other.

    The part you want is how to automate a pan envelope. The manual will tell you exactly how to apply it (probably with picture examples of where to click). I wouldn't think it'll be more than a single page of text, and you only need to look it up once.
  7. 1Shot

    1Shot Guest

    alrighty ill check it out
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