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Discussion in 'Recording' started by rumz, May 10, 2006.

  1. rumz

    rumz Guest

    how do u usually pan ur tracks ?

    i have a 16 tracks . 3 guitars , bass , drums , vocals , keyboard etc ...

    just need a rough idea of what usually goes in ....
  2. timblaze

    timblaze Guest

    Often in pop music the kick, snare, bass, and lead vocal are left in the center. the rest is open season. listen to some mixes you like and pay attention to the panning. it can depend on your demographic.. will they listen in proper stereo? For example, often hip hop music is mixed completely in mono simply because their demographic often listen on haphazard stereos, ie one speaker in one room and one speaker in another. Or in cars or headphones, both of which provide a skewed stereo image.

    On the other hand you might want to create a complete soundstage... maybe with the drummer on this side of the stage or the other...

    regardless, when you are doing panning in the mix you should periodically check how it sounds when summed to mono. Hopefully your monitor controller or DAW provides a mono switch. This will help you verify that the parts are sitting in the right frequency space when the listener hears it on a mono playback system or god forbid only one channel or the other

    you decide, let your ears guide you...

  3. rumz

    rumz Guest

    cool . thanks

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