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Paris cheaper than RADAR.....

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by bhenderson, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. bhenderson

    bhenderson Guest

    On 27 Mar 2002 06:26 cram wrote:
    You may find that you can now afford RADAR. Watch our site today (http://www.recordingtheworld.com) for an exciting announcement about "RADAR 24 Project" It's a $5995 box with the "Classic" 48k cards that everyone has been raving about but cost reduced by using a high reliability IDE drive instead of a SCSI drive and by replacing the pro remote(Session Controller) with a less expensive one(KC24).

    Barry, iZ President
  2. Tom Cram

    Tom Cram Active Member

    I'd heard that you were coming out with something like that. I'm glad that I have an option that I can live with. I'm not gonna jump ship just yet though...
  3. planet red

    planet red Active Member

    Would it be possible to upgrade to the better nyquist cards at some point later? I've been waiting for the last couple weeks to hear about this. If its possible to upgrade later, ill be ordering one next month sometime.
  4. bhenderson

    bhenderson Guest

    Yes. All RADAR products are upgradable to the highest level.
  5. Bear's Gone Fission

    Bear's Gone Fission Active Member

    Am I missing something? Those prices look the same or higher than I recalled, even on the newer cheaper unit.

  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    How about some sort of Pro Tools compatable 'time stamping' so we could just yank a SCSI hotswap drive out of a Radar unit and slam it into a PT rig without having to fanny around with a real time transfer (Yawn!) and 24 tracks (at a time) of AES interface ports.
    The new little Tascam unit does this and folks love it for that, I am pointing my "in the field" clients towards Tascam for this very reason..

  7. Tom Cram

    Tom Cram Active Member

    >How about some sort of Pro Tools compatable 'time stamping' so we could just yank a SCSI hotswap drive out of a Radar unit and slam it into a PT rig without having to fanny around with a real time transfer<

    Yes, Yes, me likey. Even something like a basic reference to zero and recalc function, would be better than nothing at all.
  8. bhenderson

    bhenderson Guest

    1) Price: The "Project" is only $5999 but it has the same 48k analog I/O as it's big brother the "Classic"

    2) PT: YES! The "RADAR 24 Project" ships with the new 3.10 software that exports to PT. Everyone is jazzed about this feature. It also does tons more editing including fades and gain changes.
  9. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    "the new 3.10 software that exports to PT"

    Barry, do you care to elaborate on it's use with hotswap SCSI drives that pro studios use with PT?


  10. What do we make of the Classic and Nyquist packages being marked "until April 30" on their current prices?
    Do the prices go up then, or what?
  11. bhenderson

    bhenderson Guest

    "the new 3.10 software that exports to PT"
    Barry, do you care to elaborate on it's use with hotswap SCSI drives that pro studios use with PT?


    After recording on RADAR, press the new Export button(Most of RADAR's functions are dedicated buttons as opposed to menus) and select a directory on the drive -> export to WAV or BWAV(with the time stamp), remove the disk, plug it into Alsihad, drag the files into the session.


    The other three products, Classic, Nyquist and S-Nyquist are going up in price on May 1st.

  12. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    So besides being ass over teeth in love with the S-Nyquist package... you mean I saved money too!! Whoo-hoo!!

    I think we're definitely going to accept your offer to become a dealer for this!! [that's right, I bought my RADAR-24 before Mercenary were pimps for it... how 'bout that $*^t!!]
  13. mmmm, glad I asked.
  14. Sir Bob

    Sir Bob Member

    As devils advocate, isn't digital just one's and zero's? The sound of digital should be the same and probably the most important thing in achieving good digital sound is the converters, right?

    What is RADAR doing to convince ya'll that the stuff sounds better than Alishad. I've read the reviews posted on the RADAR site and they aren't making a big deal about the sound quality.

    And if RADAR is truely better, why can't Mother of Alishad cop it?

    I didn't see much about plug in's. Does RADAR use plug in's?

    Price wise I see a Project studio version of RADAR costing only slightly more than getting a top of the line G4 and Digi 001.s So please sell me some more on RADAR. :w:
  15. bhenderson

    bhenderson Guest

    The converters we use are AKM. Those chips are 10% of the design. The rest is very high quality analog components and pcb considerations including heavy analog and digital ground plane management, super high quality coupling capacitors(expensive - where many of the others chince out), $25 (per channel) magnetic isolators and most importantly of all about $300 worth of analog PLL(Phase Lock Loop) circuitry to provide what is probably the cleanest clock in the industry. Everything in RADAR is designed with one thing in mind ... sound quality!

    Also, we have won every listening test against other digital systems. Recently see Fletcher and Mixerman's post on -> Recording Forums -> Rec Pit.

    I believe they could eventually cop it but they are not focussed on sound quality as we are. They are focussed almost exclusively on increasing their install base as fast as possible. We are more concerned about providing customers with a product that gives them the best quality sound in keeping with our mission statement "Helping customers realize their goals by delivering excellence and innovation in recording products of the highest quality"

    We avoidplug-inscause they cause increased latency. Worse, the latencies are different for different effects on different channels which causes multi-channel "smearing" of the sound. It is impossible for Digidesign to control this with all those 3rd parties writing their variousplug-ins This is why all of our editing software (including the new 3.10 release which adds a ton of editing features) is all dedicated in-house code that works in real time with no increase latencies or other corruptions to the sound quality. It also makes the editing really fast!


    If you configure Pro Tools as a RADAR with 24 channels of I/O it is substantially more expensive.

    The sell is this:
    1) It sounds better than anything out there - this can be the bottom line difference between a $million seller and a flop.
    2) It is so easy to use - it does not interupt the creative process - it was designed by users who understand this - it makes the session "flow" like no other recorder. You may not fully understand this aspect until you use it on a session but you probably understand what I'm talking about.
    3) It NEVER crashes. We test RADAR obsessively and won't ship it until it is solid as a rock. We are paranoid of ever having a reputation for crashes.
  16. Barry is not only the president of iZ but the original designer of RADAR. So you know something's right.

    Is the Nyquist converter set the same at 44.1-96kz as the S-Nyquist set (which also includes 192 A/D/A)?

  17. bhenderson

    bhenderson Guest

    The Nyquist boards have the same D/A as the S-Nyquist(i.e. 192 kHz) but the S-Nyquist has different a A/D and is a little cleaner at 48k.
  18. Sir Bob

    Sir Bob Member

    More questions:

    Does the RADAR package come with a mix board?

    I take it that in mixing, you send an analog signal to a bus/insert and add your compression and/reverb just like analog mixing?

    Where do you send the final two-channel mix? Do you bounce within RADAR or do you send it out to something like a Masterlink or DAT for a final mix?

    What is the method of saving sessions?

    As to portability, can I rack it up and take it into a recording studio (where I want to track drums)?

    While Alishad might have the edge in editing ability, I would definately buy a PARIS if I felt the audio was superior.

    Fletcher's success with RADAR included use of
    GLM EQ and Fatso. To what extent will I need more than good mics and preamps to get a good sound with RADAR?

    And what about ( :roll: ) midi? Just in case I want to put some primative keyboard on?
  19. osmuir

    osmuir Member

    paris sounds great, but it's a bitch. crashes alot, unless you are really good at it, and it still does sometimes. the mixer sounds good, but sending audio in and out for the mixer produces some unplesant latency [which i don't think you can fix entirely, i've tried...correct me if i am wrong].

    it is most definately cheaper than radar though. and you do need a board, i believe.

  20. To what extent will I need more than good mics and preamps to get a good sound with RADAR?
    Aye, there's the rub!
    If I take this collosal plunge ('cos it seems like the S-Nyquist is the best way to go) I'll be screaming bloody murder if it doesn't sound glorious with "just" wondrous mics, pres, instruments, placement, room, musicians.
    However I will be willing to work at 96k if this can be achieved, which may be a difference between my approach and Fletcher's. Also I don't already own a Fatso and a HEDD.... and I'm not too addicted to "analog tape" type sound, but I am a hardcore junkie when it comes to the sounds of the instruments in the room- which don't sound, to me, like they've already been recorded to analog tape. ;) :p
    Hope that doesn't make my grail quest that much rougher.....

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