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Discussion in 'Summing Mixers' started by hollywood_steve, Oct 25, 2001.

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    OK, technical time. In another thread regarding summing amp modules, the topic of "passive summing" circuits came up. I have encountered this a few times recently and my lack of electronics education has resulted in major confusion. Can anybody explain the following problem to us non-techies?

    I just don't understand the difference between these two methods: in the "active" summing method, multiple inputs are summed and amplified; in the “passive” circuit, the inputs are summed and then fed into a "make-up" gain amp. What's the difference? Any recommended sources for enlightenment? Books, magazine articles, meditation? Thanks.

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    uh.... never mind.

    there is an article on the Forssell Technology website that spends 7 pages addressing this issue. Great article: bus.htm

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