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Discussion in 'Recording' started by wavline1820m, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. wavline1820m

    wavline1820m Guest

    Hey all. I have a quick question. I have 1 large rack, with a couple of pres, a compressor, eq, couple of verbs...etc....

    I have 1 AP audio patch bay, the kind, that has the modules, that you pull out. I really dont understand this thing or how the hell it works. There are diagrams on the top of it, like, normalled, de normalled, etc. But, it doesnt really tel you how you to switch them. There are no switches on it.

    Now, here is what i would like to do.

    I have a motu 828MKII and, i would like to use the patch bay , to set up my effects, as ins and out, and set up a couple of, channels, of the motu, right into the patch bay, so i can send audio out of the motu, into a reverb, then, back in etc. or, is there any ohter way to set it up?

    i set it up, like i wanted above, but, its like, everything, is on. like open signals, that is causing all kinds of feed back, and i know its not right. so..i was wondering, if there are any advice? on how to deal with this.?

    Many thankis...

  2. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if you want to be able to chain the efx or not...but here is what you can do.

    Set up some modules as half-normalled. Take the outputs from the 828 and connect them to the top jacks on the back of the patch bay. Connect the bottom jacks of those channels back to the corresponding inputs on the 828.

    Now you've routed signal from the 828 to the patchbay.

    Now set up some channels in the patchbay as de-normalled. These will be for your efx. Connect the rear top jack of one of these channels it to the input of an effect. Take the output of the effect and connect it to the rear bottom jack of the channel.

    Now, when you want to send a signal to that effect, you route it to the appropriate output on the 828 and patch it to the effect by connecting a patch cable from the top front of the 828 channel to the top front of the effect channel. Use another patch cable to connect the bottom front channel of the effect channel to the bottom front of the 828 channel.

    Now your audio signal should be patched through the effect.

    Have fun!
  3. wavline1820m

    wavline1820m Guest

    thats great. thanks for the advice. now the only problem, is i dont know how to set these modules, to normalled half normalled etc.....these modules, pull out, and, although there is diagrams on the top of it, i dont understand how to acutally change anything. i must be retarted.

    Aslo, with the effects, with the way you have described this, will the effects be idle, and only activate, when, i plug somethign into the front of the patch bay? right now, the way its set up, its like, they are active, and causing noise, etc...

    thanks for you help.

  4. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

    I don't know the specifics of your patch bay but I would guess that it came stock as half normalled.

    What that means is that you can interrupt a signal by patching in a cable at the front of the patch bay. For example, you have an output from the 828 going to the top rear of a channel. the bottom rear of that channel is being sent back to an input on the 828. You should be able to send a signal out of the 828 and see it coming back into the 828 on the input channel you used.

    Now when you plug in a cable to the front top of the patch bay, that should interrupt that signal and you shouldn't see any signal coming back into the input channel. Now the output is going into the patch cable at the front of the patch bay so you can route the signal to something else.

    A non normalled channel simple send signals top front to top back and bottom front to bottom back. This of this as a way of extending in's and out's from other devices to the patchbay as opposed to half-normalled which creates an insert point.

    With this setup, you won't hear any effects unless you physically patch in an effect.
  5. wavline1820m

    wavline1820m Guest

    ok, thats what i want non normalled. how do i achive this....with these modules. i can take them out, but, how do i put them back in...i dont get it, i mean, i can put them back in, but, i dont see how to put them in for them to make an actual differnce....

  6. jahme

    jahme Guest

    yea yea whatever. i have the best patchbay amongst all of u. im sooooo filthy rich. try to beat me?

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