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Patch List question

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Linwood, Feb 1, 2002.

  1. Linwood

    Linwood Member

    How do you get patches from the expansion cards in a 1080 to show up in the patch window in DP?
  2. Bryson

    Bryson Guest

    In the System folder - Free midi folder - Default Names folder - open the Roland folder. Open JV-1080. You should see the list of stock sounds. Now open "Expansion Cards" (or whatever it's called). There are folders for exp A, B, C, and D. Open 'A', and open whatever card is in your 1080 'A' slot. You should now see a list of sounds. Select all and copy (all). Go to the 1080 folder you opened before and paste the exp A stuff after what's already there. If you have a card in the 'B' slot, open the Exp B folder, and so on............
  3. Linwood

    Linwood Member


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