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PC Mbox/Protools 6.7 - Why can't I use my VST plugins?

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by Playjerise, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Playjerise

    Playjerise Guest

    Hey fellow Audio lovers...

    I guess my topic explained my problem, but I just bought Protools 6.4 (about to be updated to 6.7) and and Mbox. I am using a PC, not a mac.

    In my couple of years of recording, i have accumlated a library of vst effects and i want to be able to use them in protools...I am sure this is possible.

    Also, where are all the free vst effects that everyone has found and shared?

    Playjerise :cool:
  2. rhydian

    rhydian Active Member


    Get Fxpansion's VST to RTAS wrapper. .It works with most (but not all ) VSTis.

    However, there are some with which it doesn't appear to work

    (see my earlier posting on powercore access virus-to which no one replied cos I don't think there's an answer and it's incompatible).

    Also, you may find that some funcions in protools like consolidating audio tracks once they've been edited doesn't work if you have RTAS wrapped VSTs. So you may have to wrap and unwrap them as required.


  3. Playjerise

    Playjerise Guest

    Where can i find this 'wrapper'? Link? I hope there is a free option for me...i cant believe pro tools doesnt allow vst...
    Also, how do i install things like Antares Auto Tune 4 on it? I have it installed on my pc but doesnt show up in any of my inserts windows

    Thanks man.

  4. rhydian

    rhydian Active Member



    Is antares the VST or the RTAS version? RTAS shows up in protools. Otherwise you need the wrapper.
  5. KyroJoe

    KyroJoe Guest


    The Auto Tune isn't appearing because the version you have is probably the "DirectX version".

    Just call Antares and they will get you the RTAS version.

    Antares Audio Technologies.
    231 Technology Circle
    Scotts Valley, CA 95066
    Tel: (831) 461-7800

    Kyro Studios
  6. Playjerise

    Playjerise Guest

    I dont want to have to pay for a wrapper...thats stupid! Who wants to lend me theirs? :)

  7. gumplunger

    gumplunger Active Member

    Yeah, paying for stuff that companies develop is stupid! :?
  8. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    You're complaining cause you think it stupid pro tools doesn't use vst plug ins. i'm pretty sure rtas plug ins came first and vst isn't the industry standard, there's audio suite, rtas, AU, vst and more. If you go logic pro you're stuck with AU unless you pay the 75 bucks for the wrapper. stop complaining and spend the money.
  9. Playjerise

    Playjerise Guest

    Stuff industry standard

    I am trying to make good sounds from my computer...I pay for a program, an awesome NEW 'industry standard' program - and it cant even use newer technology (VST)...

    Its a joke...

    Who will help me in my quest for a free wrapper

  10. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Dump Tools and get Nuendo or Cubase ... then you can use VST or Direct X plugs and any type of hardware you want.
  11. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    PT may be the "de facto standard" for the deep pocket mega studios but everything I have found so far leads me to think that Steinberg has a much larger presence in the project and home studio market than any other company.

    I have also noticed that a lot of the "pros" are now switching over to Nuendo as well. I really do think Digidesign is loosing their stranglehold on the market. Only time will tell.

    Seeing as there are a lot more project and home studios than pro rooms, it would follow that there are more Cubase and Nuendo systems in use on the planet, than any other type. I leave it to you to decide which is truly the "standard".
  12. gumplunger

    gumplunger Active Member

    I'll have to try Nuendo. I've been using Pro Tools 6 (with my Digi002) and tried Sonar 4 to see what the hubbubb was about. It was okay, but buggy, and I just felt more comfortable and confident in Pro Tools. Something with some of those extra features that were nice in Sonar with more stability and without the restrictions that Digidesign put on PT LE might be a nice change.
  13. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    hey playjerise so when you go with cubase or something like that are you going to be pissed that you can't use audio suite, rtas, au, and other plug ins. cause to use those you still have to have a wrapper and they're all 75 bucks.
  14. Duardo

    Duardo Guest

    Actually, VST came before RTAS, which is relatively new. There is no real industry standard...AU is an Apple-designated Mac standard and Direct X is a Microsoft-designated PC standard, but neither is really an industry standard.

    No, VST is an older technology, and there are plenty of good reasons not everybody supports VST plugins directly (copy protection and automation capabilities among them). If you really want to use VST plugins, why would you want to steal from the company that made it possible for you to use them with Pro Tools?

    I'm not sure about that...I'm also not sure if there's any way to find out for sure, but while there's certainly a lot of Steinberg users who hang out here I'm not sure how indicative that is of the industry at large. The M Box and 002R packages are priced competetively enough when you figure that the software and hardware are both included that I'd imagine they outsell Cubase and Nuendo considerably, at least as far as people buying the software...can't speak for the SE-type versions that are included with cheap interfaces or the versions that aren't purchased. And with Pro Tools suddenly becoming compatible with so many of the cheap M-Audio interfaces out there now I see their market share in the low end growing, not shrinking. And while there are certainly plenty of high-profile high-end guys using Nuendo, I don't think that Digidesign's to worried about them on the high end at this point. If you look at the stuff that charts in Billboard you'll see that Pro Tools still outnumbers everything else considerably, and I haven't seen those numbers shrinking percentage-wise either.

    Not that I disagree that Cubase may not be a better way for you to go, especially if you want access to those plugins and don't want to pay for a wrapper plugin...but you'd have to spend more than that to get Cubase (legally at least) so you probably don't want to do that either.

  15. Playjerise

    Playjerise Guest

    I am a cheap bastard... trying to make a good recording on a low budget
  16. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    fine i'll give into your evil wishes. go to digidesigns forum duc.digidesign.com and look up the forum that deals with mac versions of the 002r, mbox, so on, its well marked. Go to the second page of posts there's one called free osx there are some free plug ins from the factory. again the publisher is giving this away for the struggling producer. scroll thru the links one of them has a vst to rtas wrapper thats free. enjoy
  17. Playjerise

    Playjerise Guest


    Sounds great man, thanks alot - but i cant find it?!


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