PC/Windows Software Equivalent To MainStage2?

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by Suntower, May 12, 2010.

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    I've been working with some people that are using Logic and MainStage2 to do live sound. IOW: they bring a laptop and a firewire A/D-D/A interface in place of, say a Mackie 16x8. After 9-10 shows, it hasn't failed once and it lets one create FX routings that can transition not only between songs, but -within- songs. I'm told it can be used to control lights as well---though we're not doing that yet. In any even, I'm sold on the concept.

    Is there PC/Windows software which afford similar functionality? If so, where can I learn more? Recommendations?


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    Any full featured DAW can route FX etc provided the interface and computer have very low latency. The mixer end of it is irrelevant unless it is also the interface. For instance the Allen & Heath ZED R16 (or R24 when it hits the street) would be the way to go for mixer/interface in my opinion. As to the lighting control, I haven't done any squint work since the 1990's so have not investigated automation software.

    I will say that you aren't going to want the average laptop to do this during a live show.
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    Well, HUH!

    I thought there would be a -lot- of interest in this sort of thing... considering how well it seems to work.

    I use Cubendo and it definitely isn't optimised for this as is Logic. I was hoping there was some sort of purpose-built software---perhaps with a MIDI link to a foot-switch for switching 'scenes' as can be done in Mainstage.

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    For most performers, VST FX have too much latency for live use unless you have a DSP farm inline with the signal flow. I'm not a Logic user so don't know specifics of what you've seen, but I have seen and used digital control surfaces/mixers that contain all of that preset/scene functionality already and interface with whatever DAW you want to use. It isn't anything new.
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    SAWStudio by RML Labs

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