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Pensado's Place , favorite show?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by audiokid, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Not sure if you've watched the Pensado's Place youtube's but they are really cool. I was just going to post a pile of links to promote these up until I now see a paid per view on some ($9.99 per show) so I'm not sure where this is all going now but here's the link starting at 1.

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    I'm a big fan of online video tutorials and supporting the good stuff, cream of this industry. Dave has some of the best guys in the industry on this, some really great interviews. One of my fav's is Bruce Swedien :

    Please tell us your favorite?
  2. EmergenceProd°

    EmergenceProd° Active Member

    One Good News

    Hey Fellow,

    These episodes from Pensado's Place were never meant to be paid for, Will is the video guy of Dave Pensado and Herb for this show, here's the quote:

    From the Pensado's Students Facebook Page:
    "Hey fellow Pensadians!

    Wanted to give a quick update to you guys so that if you hear people asking, you can help me spread the word on this.

    Please DO NOT pay $10 to rent our old episodes on YouTube. We are not the ones doing that, it is the old network we used to be on which is trying to make a buck. They are still up on iTunes at our OLD itunes feed if you want to watch them free of charge:

    iTunes - Podcasts - Pensado's Place - Video by ThisWeekIn

    Download them all and share them with everyone you know. There is a reason we have teamed with absolutely awesome partners, and that is to be able to give this show to you, without barriers, to be consumed, discussed, and shared freely.

    Again, we do not see any of that money, so please, if you can, DO NOT pay to download them while they are still free on iTunes. Hopefully, this will all be resolved down the road and this won't be an issue, but for now, if you guys could help give answers to viewers if I miss them, and pass around the understanding like in true Pensadian fashion, I would be very grateful.

    Just wanted to give you guys to low down first. BIG THANKS! Hope everyone's happy and healthy. Now off to edit this Steven Slate episode.



    here's the link ----/groups/1965...3864893986216/

    Hope you'll be able to enjoy these free of charge.

    See ya.

  3. EmergenceProd°

    EmergenceProd° Active Member

    Or you can view them directly at: Pensado's Place

    Cheers ;)

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