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Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by MightyMilk, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. MightyMilk

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    my band will be performing live soon, and i want to be able to hear myself clearly while singing as well as save my hearing.

    i dont have much first hand experience with these systems, i'm just familiar with how the headphones work, i own the shure e2s for my ipod.

    is the shure psm 200 a decent in-ear monitoring system? i was going to skip out on another pair of e2s and just get the body-pack and transmiter, but it looks like i'd only save $25 so.

    are there any other systems out there, possibly cheaper with decent results? i don't think the wired in-ear systems are for me, i can handle one chord while i'm playing (guitar cable), but i'm not sure i want 2 to worry about.

  2. cfaalm

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    If you want to use earbuds on stage you better have custom molds. The Shure IE2 are "one size fits all". I guess you'll be looking for the IE3 then.

    I also found that you have to practice with in ear monitoring before you go on stage. It is very different from hearing stuff over a floor monitor.

    Don't know about the PSM200. Maybe someone else can comment on that?
  3. Liveengineer

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    Hi MightyMilk,
    The PSM 200 is a great robust entry level unit, with a range of 100m in direct line of sight.
    The advantages
    1: U can plug your vox mic in one input of the P2t transmitter and the output goes to the stage box where the vox mic normally plugs into.
    2: If there is a spare aux at mix position, that can be sent to the other input channel of the P2t so u can have the band in your ears as well with control of both levels on stage.
    The Disadvantages
    Limited number of frequencies avaliable, so check with the larger venues what they are using or u might get a suprise..(table 39 your dinner is ready) in your ears half way thu the show :lol:
    If the price is right...go for it.

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