Pete Cornish Effects Board (Tears for Fears)

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by a33, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. a33

    a33 Active Member

    I just got Roland Orzabal's (Tears for Fears)
    custom built Guitar Effects Board built by PETE CORNISH in 1983.
    It is in good condition.

    I dont know anything about Pete Cornish, any info?
    Is this a valuable item?

    I will post pics if there is interest in seeing it.
  2. a33

    a33 Active Member

    It is just over a meter wide

    Here is the setup /
    12 stomp switches + 1 Spare

    It has

    N gate

    The unit is named on peter cornish,s website under clients 1983!

    Anyone want to see pictures?
  3. matthis

    matthis Guest

    you can be happy that you´ve get a cornish "effect-interface", normally the ordinary people cannot afford them!!!
    Pete made boards for a whole lotta people(pink floyd ect.).
    his system was to 1: true bypass all devices when not in use 2:to control all of the effects from one single "master stomper".
    some of his boards even could switch different guitars on different amps, thru different preamps, thru different effectors....
    not much time at the moment.....if you anything more, just write me, maybe i could find something more specific on them!
    greets, matthias
  4. a33

    a33 Active Member

    Here is The list if i/o (on the left hand side of the unit)

    send 1
  5. a33

    a33 Active Member

    knobs on the unit

    over drive
    vol - sus - tone

    Speed - depth

    vol - sus - att

    spd - depth

    ddl eq
    vol - vol

    N gate / Master
    vol - sends
  6. a33

    a33 Active Member

    it looks a bit like this one from pete's website, but no pedal and only vertical knobs no horizontal


    It will give an idea.
    Roughly what money are we talking?
    I dont know whether to keep or sell.
  7. matthis

    matthis Guest

    oh, these style of cornish "times".
    not as spectacularely than most others.but looks fine!!!
    if you are collecting guitars pedals don´t sell, if you are just a player.......give me an idea of an price....
  8. Midlandmorgan

    Midlandmorgan Active Member

    If memory serves, Cornish units were originally designed to withstand road vigors, and to maximize rejection, interference, and hum...Pete Cornish took the guts out of popular stomp boxes of the time, souped up the I/O and groundings, added some buffers, and put them in those super cases...still considered by many to be very high end.

    Trevor Rabin (Yes), Pink Floyd, Randy Rhoads, and many other name rockers have had Cornish for worth, I dunno...the celebrity factor is probably higher than the value of the components these days...

  9. a33

    a33 Active Member

    I have had it checked over by a Chartered Electrical Engineer here are his comments.

    " Construction quality is very high, all wiring loomed and held down. Components on boards are restrained to withstand vibration / shock. Despite being 20 years old the case, components are wiring are in sound condition - some surface corrosion due to damp storage conditions - however the electrical operation was verified. Two of the 27v indicator lamps are blown (easy to replace possibly using spares on the board) one of the footswitches works but sticks (maybe fixed with cleaning or swapped with spare on the board). Noise reduction techniques in the design and construction are as good as I have seen - the unit is almost noiseless producing a clear clean sound from each module working together or seperately - it is easy to understand why P Cornish's designs have been so highly regarded - a pleasure to see such carefully designed and built equipment."

    Now comes with power cable.
    I have heard it working and it sounds great

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