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Phase Question - Connecting patch bay to inputs of console

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by maestro7879, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. maestro7879

    maestro7879 Guest

    I have decided to use a patchbay to connect the wall jacks to the back on the console. I have ADC patchbay with punchdown's in the back. My question is will I reverse the + and - on the patchbay when I wire it up ? There is a phase button on each channel. The mixer ( Tac Scorpion )shows the xlr and line inputs as being =

    pin 1 - sleeve
    pin 2 - -
    pin 3 - +
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    The British do this stuff just to screw us Amerikuhnz up ... :D

    It shouldn't make a difference as long as you remain consistent across the entire patch panel ...

    If you were to plug a mic directly into the TAC, you wouldn't be flipping the polarity .. so why bother with a patch panel .. ???

    The goal is when air is pushing the diaphragm of the mic, the signal should cause the speaker to push, creating compression of the air, and when the diaphragm pulls, it should cause the speaker to pull, creating rarification of the air.

    Technically, you want your mics and speakers to be in phase with each other.. so you should probably flip the polarity of the TACs outputs to interface correctly with gear that runs pin 2 (+) hot.

    What may be an issue also is if you have other gear interfaced on the panel as well, that runs with pin 2 hot (+) .... then you may run into some problems, if some things get flipped and others don't ... But the inserts are unbalance so I don't think this issue would pop up very often. Just watch for this..

    The idea is to keep all things coming and going in phase with each other at all stages ..
  3. maestro7879

    maestro7879 Guest

    Thanks for that post.
    I'm completely clear on everything now.
    Punching has begun.
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Before you go too far, please re read my post ... I had to edit it ... I got to thinking about this and realized I mis spoke on a couple things.. It's all correct now ..

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