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picking a usb interface for laptop

Discussion in 'Recording' started by ferchis, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. ferchis

    ferchis Active Member

    I need a usb inteface with the following characteristics:

    - usb 2.0
    - at least one line input (if stereo, better, for synths) with hi-z
    - at least one mic input (if it has phantom, and is xlr, better, for a condenser mic)
    - a stereo output so as to route all audio when playing live to the FOH console
    - it has to be low-budget (I'm in Argentina!!)

    I'm going to be using it in an HP G42 laptop (intel i3 core (2,27ghz), 3gb ram ddr3, 320gb hd 7200 rpm, win 7 32bits

    the intention is to use it for recording sound bytes (I mean, perhaps only one audio track at a time, for ex vocals or guitar in Sonar 8 PE and playback a single reference track at the back) and also later on for live use (either playing a vst through ableton live or simply triggering sound effects or files)

    which one would you reccomend?

    would the Ego Sys UGM96 suit my needs? what about the m-audio fast track mkii? I would need to have as little (or no) latency as possible!!

  2. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    EMu or Babyface. Cheap is all about the same and super low latency is not normal with cheap.
  3. ferchis

    ferchis Active Member

    what if you had to decide between the lexicon alpha and the maudio fast track mkii?

    I know the alpha has no phantom, but I already have an external one myself, so that wouldn't be an issue I think, but I can't figure ot if it is usb 2.0...

    the fast track claims to be "usb 2.0 compatible", is that the same?

    as for your answer, jack, the only emu I find around here I can (barely) afford is the 0202, what about it?

    Any help appreciated!!

  4. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    All the EMu products are great as long as there is enough ins and outs on the particular unit you like. I have not used the Lexicon USB devices. These are USB 1.1 but the in/out is limited anyway. I really have no preference except maybe a hair for the M-Audio only because I have used their gear in the past-which is not an endorsement.
  5. ferchis

    ferchis Active Member

    well... I finally went ahead and bought the m audio fast track mkii, the audio quality is remarkable indeed though the only downside is that it only records mono (either the mic or the instrument input), but the sound is pristine and, to my taste, "professional" enough...

    thanks Jack for all the comments!!!
  6. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Had a reply accidentally attached here.by my droid. Its deleted but disregard if you got it in your email ferchis.
  7. ferchis

    ferchis Active Member

    don't worry jack!!! it's always nice to hear from you!! :cool:

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