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picking up the keyboard

Discussion in 'Recording' started by revolutionary, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. hey everyone i just got a protools mbox pro 2 rig and protools isnt picking up the yamaha keyboard im trying to connect to it. This is the first rig that ive tried to set up myself so i dont know too many alternatives. Any suggestions?
  2. n8elf

    n8elf Guest

    I realy hope this is what you want to know!!
    if you are using a midi track, you have to put it record enabled to see receiving midi data. using a instrument track you don't have to. midi inputs set to all; options/midi thru activated; setup/preferences/midi/defaulf thru instrument set to first selected... or to the plug in you want to use the keybord with.
  3. im not using a midi but im pretty sure you still gave me the info to get it done. Ill try it and get back. Muchos gracias.

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