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please help..big problems with ms2000r

Discussion in 'Recording' started by amyfletcher@ymail.com, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. amyfletcher@ymail.com

    amyfletcher@ymail.com Active Member

    hi all..
    i have a big problem with my ms2000r. if someone could please help me out..i tried the boards and forums but cant find a solution..and no im not a ditsy girl lol..here goes..

    for the last few months, i noticed that it takes loner and longer to switch between the sounds..then some sounds wouldnt play at all..

    today,while in the middle of recording a track,my friend pressed something and now nothing works.

    it turns on, and i can scroll through the diffrernt sounds+menus, but midi isnt registering and no sound comes out of the 1-16 buttons work if i press the keyboard button on the left (out of the outs or headphone port)..

    i tried the firmware upgrade and am now running 1.7 (though it says 7 on the screen) i think..
    i did the menu->2d->global/program reset and still nothing..
    i did the re init: hold mod key+3..it scrolls through the menus, then freezes on midi and says something like "midi loop error"..no sound comes out of the outs, but a sound like a layered midi time code comes out of the headphone port..

    my setup is: m-audio keys->motu microlite->2000r midi in->2000r midi out->microlite..via protools 6.9 on xp quad 4gb ram..

    thankyou all so much in advance...:)

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