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Please help, I need active near fields w/ smaller footprint.

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by garynameischanged, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. garynameischanged

    garynameischanged Active Member

    Hello, I am in a situation here, After working for a while with a pair of mackie hr824's that I'm pretty pleased with, I need to swap them for something with a smaller footprint. Iv'e been looking into the blue sky 3 way system,(system 2?), but I havent heard all too much about them, and what I have heard hasnt been so great. Ive mixxed long term on alot of different, very colored, yet pleasing "hi-fi" passive speakers, and Ive learned that after a month or two I can compensate pretty well for the coloration, and get mixxes to translate(on almost any speakers I mix with). I would obviously prefer accurate monitors over the guesswork colored speakers entail, but for the size/footprint I'm looking for, I don't think thats going to happen, even with an active sub.

    Prior to owning the hr824's I was mixxing on a pair of jbl 4310's, I'm one of those "it's in the ears not the gear" kind of guys, And I managed to pull a few years of pleasing mixxes out of them, After switching to the hr824's I was very pleased with the clarity, and definition, but if you have ever heard a pair of 4310's in good condition, you know the hr824's on the low end can sound a little sterile in comparison. (ex: drummer=I Can't feel my kick drum).

    So what it all boils down too, I now have to move to an even smaller room, and the hr824's are just too big, not only physically, but theres alot of "boom" to the low end and little "thump" if you know what I mean, despite speaker placement.

    Right now I'm looking for a 3 way active system for $2000 or less, That is accurate and will translate well, with some good but accurate/defined thump on the low end, and can push out some decent dB's.

    The room size is about Wx8 Lx10 Hx8 (it's a small project studio trailer)

    The speaker placement will either be a 4 ft stereo spread about 2 feet in front of the mix position, or a 6 ft stereo spread about 7 feet behind the mix position. (Yes, Eww, I know).

    The room is tiny, I have no experience in enviroments this small, and with such an awkward mix position, I feel pretty in over my head.

    Any and all advice is beyond greatly appreciated,

    Thank you,

    (edit: I apologize if some of you don't feel like replying to another "what monitors" thread, I have spent a few hours already searching the forum, I cant find any threads relating to the physical footprint of the monitors, or a reccomendation on a small nearfield system w/ sub thats accurate and defined, thanks")
  2. DIGIT

    DIGIT Guest

    How about TANNOY Precision 6 with their SUB?

    I have done an album on those and they sounded very focused, clean and well defined.
  3. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Genelec 1029's with the 1081 sub. Or even get the newer model 8020's and the sub.

    Killer for small workspaces. KILLER.

    The real problem with them that I can see, is once you've worked on them for a bit, the Mackies will never be satisfactory to you again.

    BTW, I came from JBL's to these. And I'm so with you on the low end 'feel' thing.
  4. garynameischanged

    garynameischanged Active Member

    Hello again, Thank You for the reply,

    I have been digging through everything I can find, trying to sort through the hype.

    Now, I'm down to the adam p11a's or the Genelec 8020.LSE TriPak, I really like the form factor for the genelec 8020 TriPak, but I'm not so keen on the idea of a system relying on a sub for low end. Your average consumer isnt going to be listening to a mix on a system that can belly down to 20hz or less. Ive heard alot of bad about using a sub w/ a nearfield system, but Iv'e never tried it.

    More then anything, I want my mixxes to translate--With that in mind ive heard that the p11a's do, and the 8020's are a bit more colored.

    any advice?
  5. Scoobie

    Scoobie Active Member

    I agree with the Dog on the Genlec 1029's an the sub. Killer Montiors that have 5" speaker. You will need the Sub.
    I could be wrong, but i believe that this product is no longer in production.

    I'm sure you already know this, but................
    With a room that small i would look into alot of bass trapping.
    Check out Ethan Winner (Real Traps). My room sounds great
    thanks to Ethan.

    When i frist got my 824's I though they had to much bass, ?????
    I guess it was my control room.

  6. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    The ability to translate it why I have kept them. Like anything else, having a sub takes a little learning curve but you are soon keen to it and theres no question as to where your bass frequencies are sitting in a mix.

    In a small room theres a need for it. Take your favorite CD's to a dealer (if you can) and listen. Buy from a dealer with a great trial period policy.

    The 1029's are no longer being made. The 8020 is the replacement model(upgraded) and they sound fantastic. I mix all my work at a larger room with much larger monitors and space and I have had ZERO problems with things translating.

    You cannot go wrong with the Adam's either. At this point its a coin flip. Both will do the job. Both will need a sub. I like the Blue Sky....just not that much.

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