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Please help....

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by patrickmerrill, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone. Not too long ago I purchased a MIC and plugged it directly into my sound card. And let's just say that when I screamed into it, it only picked up a little tiny signal and sounded like a scream far, far off...obviously not enough signal for recording...Is this cause I need a preamp? If I purchased an OKTAVA MK319 CONDENSER MIC with say an ART MP TUBE RECORDING MICROPHONE PREAMP, would I have a decent recording setup? Please get back to me on this....
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    If your purpose is to just make demos at home.... yeah, it'll be fine... and yes, the reason you couldn't hear your microphone when you plugged it directly into the soundcard is that you need another amplifier in the chain that will pick up the gain from the output of the mic like 40 or so db so it will be accomodated by the "line level" input of your soundcard.
  3. thanks for the quick reply! well, I plan to sell the recordings I make, will this setup make a decent quality recording for that use? I've heard the MK-319 and they sound really great for their price.... but will the preamp make a difference to the sound?
  4. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    You do need a preamp- the art would be ok for making demos, like Fletcher said. On the subject of the m319, where are you getting it and how much are you going to pay? I have 2 M319 and one sounds really good and the other one is just ok- quality control is an issue here with rusky mics- If you get lucky like I did and get one of two you are styling. -at any rate though, the 319 should be fine with the art if you get it cheapo enough- :D
  5. hmmm...actually, I'm not sure where I'm going to buy it. Musicians Friend unfortunately does not sell these anymore, but they go fairly cheap on eBay (which should be avoided :wink: )... well, where do you recommend I buy it from? and two quick questions: could you explain what seperates a "demo" recording from a standard one? and also, does the MK319 require a phantom power supply or do I just plug it into the preamp and plug the preamp into the PC and go? I want to make sure I don't make any more mistakes like the last time i purchased something... thanks for all your help so far![/i]
  6. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    e bay is usually ok for mics- you're not talking that much money here anyways for a 319... what they go for, like a hundred bucs?
    It should be fine for making demoes.
    a demo is a recording to showcase your music... doesn't have to be 'perfect.'
    But if you are recording for other people for money or for release there are minimum expectations to be met... that's why record companies spend the big bucs in their productions-
    The mk319 does require phantom power but most pres, including the art you mentioned, provide it. Like I said, due to poor rusky quality control soemtimes you get lucky and get a great 319, other times you don't. For the money and the purpose though, its a very useable mic.
  7. OK, sounds good, thanks a lot :D . This is my first time using this forum, and it looks like there are some very experienced people here who can help me out... I will only buy the mic on eBay if the buyer claims its "new," and there are several of those going for as low as seventy bucks. It's good to know that I will not need a seperate power supply, cause I just returned one. Well, thanks to everyone who helped me and now I feel very confident about purchasing my stuff!
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