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  1. armindo54

    armindo54 Active Member

    I just upgraded to WINXP PRO in order to upgrade to Sound Forge 7.0. I installed my Steinberg Mastering Edition Direct X plugins and Sound Forge didn't recognize them. I even tried copying them into the Sound Forge Plugin folder and it still didn't recognize them. However, when I close the program and check the the Sound Forge plugin folder with windows explorer I see the Steinberg plugins along with those that come with Sound Forge. Anybody have any ideas how come they are not recognized, or what I need to do to correct this?
  2. armindo54

    armindo54 Active Member

    I finally solved my problem by creating a new user profile with administrative privleges and then re-installing Sound Forge 7.0.
  3. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear it, man. When I first read this, I racked my brain trying to think of a reason for this, but I cane up with nothing. Do you know what specifically was wrong or are you just glad it's gone?
  4. armindo54

    armindo54 Active Member

    I have concluded that perhaps I corrupted the first user name I created while I was tweaking XP with Opus's XP tweaks. It wasn't directly caused by the tweaks themselves, but rather something I inadvertantly deleted because I used the same tweaks with the second user name I created. The only difference is that I installed Sound Forge 7.0 first then did the tweaking. I checked it after each tweak to make sure everything was working. It worked like a charm!

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