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PODPro, PODxtPro and AmpFarm

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by fmisch, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. fmisch

    fmisch Active Member

    My studio is based on a ProTools Mix+ system and I use Amp Farm (Line 6's TDM emulator) extensively.

    For live gigs I have an older (3-4 years old) POD. I'd like to upgrade my live rack to either a POD Pro or a PODxtPro. MY PRIMARY PURPOSE for considering this upgrade is the hope that one of these units (never have used either) will more closely emulate the TDM AmpFarm software.

    Any thoughts or experience out there with this question? Will either of there units come closer to the AmpFarm sounds? My only other option(which isn't an option) would be to take my computer and racks to a music store and do A/B comparisons - yea right...I might be a wacked guitar player (we all are), but there are limits!

    Thanks All!

  2. Rider

    Rider Guest

    record it driectly onto a CD (NO eqing or whatnot), bring your CD player, use the same headphones on the player as you use in the pod. compare it.

    they shouldnt care. most places wont even care if you bring your actual guitar in to test a rig out, dont see why they would mind a CD player if theyre gonna probably make a sale off of it.
  3. bounce

    bounce Guest

    I've got the same pro tools rig and i think you'll find the pod xt can be considerably better (thicker, more dimensional) if tweaked properly : )

  4. fmisch

    fmisch Active Member

    thanks bounce and Rider.

    thought i'd have to go the extra $ for the xt.

    bounce: have you actually played with the xt sounds vs. Amp Farm TDM?

    PS: This is my first post. Apparently this forum is hot! Yes? Any other you recommend for professionals with professionals questions/problems (even my dear seamless Macs aren't always so seamless)

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