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Pops Clicks Other Noises

Discussion in 'Recording' started by MightyMilk, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    i've been recording with my new Delta1010, but i cannot get rid of these popping and clicking noises in my recordings. i searched through the entire 1010 manual, tried a few things they suggest but still no luck.

    things i've tried:

    - switching around cables to make sure it's not a bad cable
    - disabling video acceleration (suggested by manual)
    - no clipping during playback
    - sample rate locked via Delta control panel (suggested by manual)
    - master clock is set to Int Xtal
    - Delta1010 ASIO driver is being used under Cubase SE3

    something i haven't tried:
    the manual suggested adjusting the audio buffer size, but doesn't say what to adjust it to. any ideas on this?

    below are some screenshots of my settings within Cubase and Delta 1010 Control Panel.


    any ideas?
  2. Mises

    Mises Guest

    Just as a test....dont use the ASIO driver. Switch backto the standard Windows driver. I've had the Delta before... we used to get the occasional clicking noise (though it was a rare problem for us) which we usually just 'gate' out because thats really the most practical solution if the problem is only intermittent innature.... but one thing we have always had trouble with is the ASIO driver. That would cause us all kinds of wierd problems.
  3. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    thanks for the suggestion, the noise is still there though. also using any other driver, makes my Latency go through the roof. these pops/clicks are too frequent and loud to be noise-gated out.
  4. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    additional things i forgot to mention i tried.

    mixer i'm using is a VLZ1604

    tried other inputs on the mixer.
    - i go out the inserts of the mixer to the recorder, to avoid going through the extra signal chain within the mixer

    for right now, i sent the Delta1010's Output 1/2 directly to the monitors to ensure it wasn't coming through the mixer when i come back to monitor.
  5. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    i seemed to have possibly answered my own question. i decided to be adventurous and bump up the Buffer size from 256 to 384. the clicking and popping seems to be gone on anyting new i record, only pre-recordered material from before i made the changes seems to still have the noises.

    i know doing this, increases my latency a little bit, in my case from around 6.4 to about 9.4 .

    is this still reasonable latency? i assume that's a-ok? will i need to bump this up again if i start recording multipul tracks at a time (for ex: 8 mics on a drum kit)?
  6. dementedchord

    dementedchord Well-Known Member

    strange.... in almost every case your way better off using the drivers written for your particular interface....
  7. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    i think you may have misunderstood my post. i am using the drivers for my delta1010, any other drivers made my latency go up to 300+ ms.

    however, changing the buffer size seems to have fixed my problem.
  8. dementedchord

    dementedchord Well-Known Member

    cool glad it's working... my comment was directed more at aprevious suggestion to use generic windows drivrs....
  9. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    my mistake, i see what you ment.
  10. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    i still seem to be getting artificial noises while recording and play back. i feel like i must have something not set right with my Sync settings.

    right now i'm using an M-Audio Delta 1010 and Cubase SE3.

    i've looked through both manuals, i'm just not sure what to do. here are some screen shots of my current settings within Cubase and Delta1010 control panel.

  11. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    So are you actually making use of system link? If not, disable it. With all honesty I haven't heard of anyone making successful use of system link. I'm sure there's someone out there, but I haven't met him. If your system is reasonably up to date, there's no reason you really need to use it anyway.
  12. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    after looking at my screenshot, i don't think "system link" is being used. the active box is not checked.
  13. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Right I actually noticed that AFTER I posted. I'm a little slo sometimes sorry. Have you updated your delta drivers? When I had a delta card there was a glitch in the driver that would cause clicks but only on one side. It got fixed when I updated the drivers.
  14. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    yea all the latest drivers. the clicking/popping noises seem to be gone since i increased the buffer size.

    i'm getting this other sort of noise, i'm not sure if i can describe it. if i had to guess it sounds like something with the Sync, so i was thinking maybe i had something set wrong.
  15. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Have you tried switching cables since you fixed the clicks and pops thing. Just a guess, but that's starting to sound like interference now. Do you have a wireless network card? They can cause problems.
  16. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    i'll try disabling my wireless card. i'm pretty sure it's non of the cables, i've tried many different kinds, and this problem sounds digital, if that makes any sense.
  17. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Yeah makes total sense. I used to get odd buzzes and delayed even stuttering notes until I removed my wireless card.
  18. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    ok disabling the wireless card hasn't seemed to work either.

    anyone have some thoughts on this?
  19. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I'm stumped. Have you done the tweaks on musicxp?

  20. MightyMilk

    MightyMilk Guest

    yea i did most of those things a long while back, because this computer doubles as my gaming machine too. i really do appreciate your help though.

    just getting a little frusterated with this thing, it sounds amazing when theres no noises, but it usually only lasts for the first 20-30 seconds of a recording.

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