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audio Post hardcore mix – feedback much appreciated

Discussion in 'Fix This MIX!' started by Rasmus321, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. Rasmus321

    Rasmus321 Active Member

    Hi guys, thought I would share my latest mix/song. The bands me and my band are inspired by, both music and production wise are:
    Red, of Mice and Men, memphis may fire, i see stars, Breaking benjamin etc..
    Would like to hear what you guys think about the mix mostly, but also the song.
    Been investing in some new studio equipment, studio monitors and upgraded my computer hardware so i've been trying to improve my mixing skills.

    For the drums I usesuperior drummer, blend the kick and the snare with an andy sneap sample and a free snare i found online.
    Some Eq, multiband compression, stillwell- bombadier, parallel comp.

    For the bass i use zombass4, some distortion,ClA bassplugin, some eq, multiband compression, parallell comp and also side-chain the kick to the bass.

    Guitars are pod farm 2. Doubled left and right 100%. parallell compression, EQ and stereo enhancer etc.

    Strings are ewsql, plugins i use-Ozone 5, eq and parallell compression.

    The vocals.. is me singing, I cannot sing so the vocals are processed a lot. Do you think it is ok or should I postpone releasing this and trying to find a real singer or hire one to help us out?

    Hope you like the new tune, cheers!

    View: https://soundcloud.com/rasmus-karlsson-12/bullet-test-mix
  2. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    The vocals made my eyes bleed ! ;) too harsh and too much HF to much sibilance... the bass could be more present and a tiny bit more low end..
    The rest sound good !

    My honest opinion..
  3. DogsoverLava

    DogsoverLava Active Member

    I'd like to hear more mids and bass all round - agree about the vocals -- really HF in parts -- I'm okay with the cookie monster stuff but think you'd be really well served by a real singer for the stuff that you've autotuned and treated (the melodic lines) --- they compete too much with the synth patches sonically and I'd prefer more differentiation --- something you'd get from a natural vocal in those parts..... I think it would tie the track together to hear that sung.

    Pretty cool == very very busy --- still trying to wrap my ear around it all and understand what I'm hearing

    Can you speak a little about the genre and the context for the audience? Is this hard "club music"? Who is the audience here and what are some other bands that audience would be into? Where would someone listen to this kind of music?
  4. Rasmus321

    Rasmus321 Active Member

    Yeah I agree, I'll make the bass more present and try to give the track more low end. I'm really new to mixing vocals, so thanks for the feedback. They sound kind of harsh and at some parts its really bothering my ears when listening to it loud. And yes I am actually thinking about asking a friend from US to do the vocals and give his final touches on the mix.

    About the genre and the context, These are our three main influences at the moment I would say, and we are kind of trying to merge those together to create something new. Later on when we actually have found us a fitting singer the music is supposed to be enjoyed live as well on rock shows etc. Our main thought is to write relatable music that you can really feel when listening to it.. This track is one of the heavier tracks though and the other ones got more dynamic and laid back parts in the songs aswell
  5. Rasmus321

    Rasmus321 Active Member

    Here's an updated mix, been trying out some different plugings for the guitar and tweaking the other instrumetnts as well.. no vocals on this one though, and its not my song, just downloaded stems for an Erra song. Think I got a much better sounding distorted guitar tone now, fuller and more mids. This is the emissary amp from ignite amps together with some great impulses i found, hope you like https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48392485/Pulse test3.wav
  6. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    Other that the cymbals that sound unnatural and the lead guitar that could be more present, it sounds really good !!

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