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Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by h2oz7v, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. h2oz7v

    h2oz7v Guest

    I've recently aquired some Acoustic Energy AE1's and now I need a poweramp for them. They are Biwired and have a minimum of 8ohm's. I'll only be using them through an EMU 1616m, which has 1/4" balanced outputs.


    25mm magnesium alloy tweeter
    90mm alloy bass driver
    200Watts power handling
    Textured black finish

    Never bought a Poweamp before so don't know where to start! Am I right in saying I'd have to get a rack version, rather than a poweamp that you use for hifi-seperates?

    I've read that I need something between 1/2 to 2X the power rating of the speaker (I read somewhere else it should be equal to 2X)... My speakers take 200Watts @ 8ohms. I'm abit confused by that. What minimum amount of Wattage would I need?

    I've been looking on some sites for Studio Power Amplifiers and PA Amplifiers, which looks like the things I should be looking at.

    My budget wont go over £200, so in that range, I've seen these:

    Tapco Juice 800 - 205W per channel @ 8ohms - £167.89

    Tapco Juice 1400 - 310W per channel @ 8ohms - £199

    and the

    Sampson SX1200 - 300W per channel @ 8ohms - £250

    Sampson SX1800 - 400W per channel @ 8ohms - £257 - £7 for 100W :confused:

    Of course, I'd rather go second hand and pickup something better for the money...

    Am I on the right lines?
  2. dementedchord

    dementedchord Well-Known Member

    hmmmm.... this one sounds familiar.... how are ya??? i'll let others answer for ya..
  3. with speakers you want to keep them at what there rated and turn up your amp to full power and have a monitoring system do not attenuate from the amp.
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Roughly, yes. If you want to use the AE1s for a home studio and not to run a PA rig or a disco with them, forget about needing 0.5x to 2x amplifier power. For home studio use, 100 - 150W per channel is quite enough to drive AE1s. If you want to keep the balanced connection to your EMU 1616, you will probably have to get a studio power amp such as a Samson. Top-end hi-fi amps are worth considering too, but you may have to use an unbalanced input. Keep your eye on Ebay - lots of amps of various types and quality come up there.
  5. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

  6. Scoobie

    Scoobie Active Member

    If I was looking at the samson amps, I would look at the servo line instead of the SX version. As I understand it the Servo line of samson amps are for studio use.

    check out the offerings from Hafler. They make a good quite amp.

  7. dementedchord

    dementedchord Well-Known Member

    FWIW.... iused to see the servo amps come across my bench when i used to do service for a living.... mostly for stupid $*^t like parts quality... volume pots were a regular for instance....
  8. h2oz7v

    h2oz7v Guest

    I've been looking for Hafler and since they are no more, its prooving quite difficult. There arent any on eBay (in the UK), but I'll keep an eye out for them.

    Any others I should be looking out for? and so I'm looking for something around the 100W/Channel mark.

    I've seen some real cheapies by Alesis lol!
  9. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    Hafler went out of business long ago.
  10. BRH

    BRH Active Member

    Who said turn the amp up all the way and turn down the monitoring system?
    Never heard this before, and like man, are you nuts?
    I double that! "Huh?"

    Consider picking an amp from this list.


    Yamaha P3200 would be my choice.
  11. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    You guys all failed to notice one of the most important specs listed:
    "Textured black finish"...
    Now you have a safe place to put your beer bottles!
    This type of finish helps to absorb "bad sounds" and aids in reflecting
    "good sounds" out to the intended audience. And since it can readily add up to 33% power capacity to the system, it's OK to crank the crap outta the power amp and vary the loudness with a jumpy, quirky monitor fader that goes from 0-100% in less than 10mm of travel! Ready, set, blast-off!!
  12. h2oz7v

    h2oz7v Guest

    Yeah god knows what that was about. The THX thing looks interesting. Cheers for that

    moonbaby haha man, that cheered me up! I bought them used and well... by the rings on one of them, it looks like expensive beer holder theory is right.
  13. Massive Mastering

    Massive Mastering Well-Known Member

    (A) I don't attenuate my amps. I don't even have amps that *have* attenuators on them. Match the amps to the system.

    (B) He's looking for a $200 amp. I think the 3200 is just a whisker out of his price range...

    (C) "THX" certification means exactly squat.
  14. h2oz7v

    h2oz7v Guest

    Would THX mean more of a home entertainment thing?

    Anyway, I've seen a P3200 thats within my price range, but isn't this amp too powerful for my monitors? (8/200W)

  15. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    unless your room is built to THX specs (which people are not doing, and more and more theaters are not eaither because it is pure marketing BS, and a way for people to get their hands in your pockets on all fronts) THX means nothing.
  16. BRH

    BRH Active Member

    Don't you have amps with gain control, usually on the front? Even active monitors can be turned down!?

    He's looking for a $400 amp. 200 sterling is usually about twice in USD.

    Yes, THX is 'somewhat' of a marketing hype. But generally the equipment on that list is a cut above.

    You wanna dance.... go ahead!

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