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preset exchange

Discussion in 'Recording' started by audiokid, May 6, 2002.

  1. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    We could possibly be able to set up a preset exchange. Does this interest this forum?
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    I suppose there might be possible value in this, but it's a little hard to see how it would work in reality.

    For instance, I may have a preset EQ I save that tends to work well on my mic'ed piano tracks, but on a different piano in a different room, the chances of it working as well are pretty remote. I don't even end up using it all the time because the differences in an individual pianist's touch and the style of music may make it inappropriate. Something like compression would be even more program dependent.

    I would imagine the vast majority of plug-in settings are going to be similar: they work well on a specific voice/instrument recorded in a specific space... but it's most unlikely they would translate universally.

    The one area that may have some potential for this would be some of the effects, rather than processors. For instance, a really unusual killer flange or chorus preset, or multitap delay, for instance... Also, some of thoseplug-insthat do combinations of multi-effects, like the Waves Enigma... it would be interesting to see what people have come up with for that.
  3. I am liking this idea. The reservations Littledog has voiced are certainly good points, but the option to adjust settings to compensate for different situations would help deal with this. I would see it play out like this: I am mixing a project and can't quite find the right sound for a guitar track in the mix. I jump online and write Littledog, saying, "Hey good buddy, how'd ya finesse that guitar sound you got for so-and-so last year?" Littledog writes back, "No problemo, Doc, I have just the thing for you," and uploads his guitar presets from a sesh he did. I am then, after some tweaks, a happy man. We all make hit records. The end. Thoughts? Doc.
  4. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    I like the idea...they at least can give places to start, and ideas to build from. For example, I might look at an EQ setting that Doc has for a bass guitar patch, and I might notice that he is boosting by 2dB at about 350Hz...I might say, "Hmmmm, that is interesting, why are doing this?". This helps to stimulate discussions and back and forth interactions, and hopefully we can all learn from it...
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Problem is, to get that sound I'd also have to send you the guitar player, the axe, the preamp and amp, the mics, and the room around it. (I think UPS can handle all that, except that I believe they draw the line at guitar players.) Oh yeah, and then the plug-in - which is probably going to be at least six or seven steps down the list in order of importance to the ultimate sound. But I like you, Doc, and us dogs gotta stick together. So for you, bro'... anything! (Besides, you told me how to get crack, so I owe ya!)
  6. Littledog,
    Sir, you are correct. I would assuredly need all of those elements you mentioned, and by the way Airborne Express will ship guitar players overnight. I guess perhaps an easy thing to do would be to email the numbers that all the parameters are set to- effectively that would accomplish the same goal, no? Maybe I need to reexamine my support for the exchange. Cheers, Doc.
  7. tripnek

    tripnek Active Member

    Did this ever become a reality?
  8. Sckid Marq

    Sckid Marq Active Member

    This is a good idea.
  9. tripnek

    tripnek Active Member

    Does anyone out there have any server space we could use to host this exchange. These preset files are very small and take up little space.
  10. i have an extra server. it only has about 80gig left but i should be able to host something.. i'm on 4mb cable.
    i can build the ftp with serv-u ftp and get things started.. or ask my dad i think he has a ftp up already and i can make a Recording.org account on it....
    just let me know the apps, i know many of us use PT, Nuendo, Logic, sonar 3 etc..
    i'm a nuendo 2.2 user myself

    if anyone wants me to go ahead with the ftp let me know at

    BTW, my name is james
  11. guess no one wants this.. o well
  12. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    I've got alot of Logic (PC) plugin presets and IK Multimedia Amplitube presets if any of ya's want 'em!
  13. Alécio Costa - Brazil

    Alécio Costa - Brazil Well-Known Member

    it exists

    In fact this site has ben running for a few years. Nice stuff:
  14. yea but thats only TDM/RTAS/AS. i'm trying to offer up more. but hey since no body asked me to go ahead with the server.. i'm cool. i don't usually use presets, but they're a good way to start usually

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