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Presonus Eureka vs Focusrite Voice Master Pro

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Kuzan, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Kuzan

    Kuzan Guest

    Any advice please. I have narrowed my pre-amp selection down to these two : Focusrite Voice Master Pro or a Presonus Eureka.

    Which would be the better to choose or not to choose and why?
  2. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    I can't really comment much on the voicemaster but I own the Eureka and I can hear a noticable difference between it and the pre's in the Digi002r. I personally love the Eureka and am even considering buying another. The only real drawback I see with the Eureka is the compression, it really isn't that great but I prefer software compressors at this point.
  3. Kuzan

    Kuzan Guest

    Thanks! I've downloaded both manuals and have read loads of reviews on both. They both come up tops in reviews. I guess it will make very little difference at the end of the day if they are both good units.

    Price may swing it. I can get the Eureka for $550 in Johannesburg at the moment where they usually cost about $990.

  4. Kuzan

    Kuzan Guest

    I chose the Voice Master over the Eureka. I'll get it and install it today. Since I require another pre, I'll probably get the Eureka as well in the next few weeks.

  5. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    Well get back to us and let us know what you think of the voicemaster, I'm also interested in buying one.
  6. SwingBaby

    SwingBaby Guest

    yes yes yes. me,too~

    let us know what you think of the voicemaster pro...

    voicemaster pro and VTB-1

    which better? (only mic pre)
  7. Kuzan

    Kuzan Guest

    Hi Guys

    I have had a few days of hectic use of the Voice Master Pro. All I can say is that results are astounding! I am totally blown away. If you are considering the unit, don’t delay!

  8. SwingBaby

    SwingBaby Guest

    you feel good?but,I found a lots of people say"no good" :shock:

    what's your micphone? :roll:
  9. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    "No good" is a very strong thing to say about any mic pre. Even the cheapest / least expensive mic pres available are actually pretty decent when compared to similar products of the past. Technology has brought a lot of these types of devices along, which is why there's so much confusion.

    The question needs to addressed in context. How do the pres in VMP or the Eureka compare to other mic pres? In comparison to some other offerings like "The Brick", these two do not hold a candle to them. While I do not like software compression as much as JohnnyC does, I do think it works well enough to use sans a really good hardware compressor. So the inclusion of a comp that is not really very useable in the Eureka, is not a plus and the EQ section in the Voicemaster is very limited IMO. Considering those things, I would suggest that an EQ / COMP / Mic Pre combo such as these that offer limited or compromised features, will only be the source of frustration in the future. In other words, if you continue doing audio, at some point you will most likely outgrow either one of them.

    If you are looking at dumping almost $1000, I am sure there are better choices that either the Eureka or the Voicemaster, things that you will use forever.

    One of my current favorites for a "channel strip " offering is the THORAX. The more I use this thing, the more I find it growing on me. The THORAX is a bit "quirky" as far as the compressor and output stages go but a little time was all that was needed to get a handle on how they work. It costs twice what you say your budget is however but IMO it's an expenditure well worth the price.
  10. Kuzan

    Kuzan Guest

    So far I have used a U87, At3035, SM58 and B2 Pro
    through the VMP. All sound great. My pref is the 3035 though.

    Thanks for all the response.
  11. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    Well I had been using the eureka as a vocal channel and like I said I like the way it sounds. Last night I decided to record guitars thru it with an sm57. Half way thru setting up I decided I'd do a side by side with another 57 thru a behringer ada8000. I figured the behringer would be slightly under my 002s pre's so the Eureka should beat it, but not by a ton. I disabled the compressor and eq on the eureka so that i'd have just pre vs. pre. the eureka demolished the behringer, it made the pre's in the ada8000 sound like direct in guitars, I never noticed this difference with my old tubepre but now its so clear even the band was like wow that thing sounds great. If this thing can't hold a candle to a Brick then I'm going to get one of those tonight as well. I'm officially addicted to good pre's and I haven't even gotten to the good ones yet.

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