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presonus firebox, mbox2, maudio 1814 firewire, or emu 1616M?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by malabito, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. malabito

    malabito Guest

    Hi I am new to the forum, just to give you a small background on myself, I live in Caracas, Venezuela, I am an electronic engeneering student, and I have been playing bass guitar for almost 10 years, and i am 24 years old. I will really apreciate all the help that you could give me since I am kind of new to the recording stuff.

    I been doing some research and finally narrow my search to the following options

    -mbox 2
    -e-mu 1616 or 1616M dont know the differance
    -presonus firebox, will prefer the firepod couse of the more inputs, but its a little bit over my price range.
    -maudio firewire 1814

    My intentations are to create a small recording studio at my house, the 8 simultaneas inputs of the firepod arent that necessary for me right now, since I wont be recording drums. I just need to be able to obtain a high quality sound, and some extras options such as a midi.

    What is the diferance between th e-emu 1616 and the 1616M.

    Of dose 4 which would you choose, I know it seems more like a usb vs pcmia vs firewire connection type thing. I know that the mbox comes with protools which is a great software, with the other two I wont be able to use pro tools. t seems to me that emu is the best one in quality and options, but whats getting me hook on the mbox is the software issue, even though its a le version, i wont have any comptability problems if i decide to record the drums, in a pro studio, and then record the rest of the instruments at my house, since almost all studios use pro tools.

    I will be using a inspiron 9300 laptop from dell, with 2 gigas of ram and a 2.0 ghz pentium M procesor.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and answer all my questions.
  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    I've just recently got the 1616M and already have the 1820M and rellay think the E-MU packages are great value for the money providing very high quality.

    The diff from 1616 to 1616M is that the 1616M has better converters.
  3. malabito

    malabito Guest

    Thanks for the reply, after doing some more research, I finally narrow my search between the emu 1616M and the maudio 1814, I have read some incompatibility issues with some pcmcia cards in some laptops, I wrote emu customer service to see if mine was compatible, i am waiting for their reply to finally make up my mind.

    Also what software are you using with the 1616M, and how many simultaneous inputs have you recorded with it?

    Thanks :!:
  4. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    I've had my 1616M for two weeks and have recorded with 10-inputs with Cubase SX3 and 8-inputs with Sonar-4

    E-MU won't likely know about your laptop and even if they did, there is much more to be being compatible than the PCMCIA chipset. In fact two people can have the same exact hardware, chipsets and software and have drastic differences in performance based on how each is configured and optimized.

    If you have real concerns about being stuck with your 1616M or any E-MU product, buy direct from E-MU inside sales where you get a full 30-days to evaluate. That is what I did. Not even GC is willing to do that because it involves recording software that is non returnable or refundable.
  5. malabito

    malabito Guest

    Thanks for the reply. But returning the device if it doesnt work wont be an option since live in Venezuela. Maybe i should stay away from the 1616M couse of that, even dou if it wasnt for that, I will be getting that one.

    Another device I didnt put on the list but also seems to be great is the edirl fa-101, have any of you tried it out?

  6. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Don't know anything about the Edirol stiuff. You take a chance no matter what you buy. It's not really possible to garauntee complete or trouble free compatibility with any product and a PC or laptop. There are just to many variables.
  7. malabito

    malabito Guest

    Yep I know that even if you have try it before buying it their still exists the risk of something not working as you expected I just want to minimize the risks.

    The thing is that I would really love to get the emu, but even after I email them with questions regarding my pcmcia card they didnt give any clear answer. They do have published a list of cards which they have problmes and in that list mine is found. Thats whats keeping me back, I have read in many fourms that they are looking for solutions, but nothing has come yet.
  8. jahme

    jahme Guest


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