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Presonus Studio One Pro and the 64 bit processing engine

Discussion in 'Studio One' started by theryanlives, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. theryanlives

    theryanlives Guest

    I am wondering if anyone else here has the new Stduio One Pro by Presonus. I have to admit the software has an amazing workflow and I just recorded a new songwriter and the quality was the cleanest I had ever heard. Now it comes in 2 versions the Pro and the Artist. I am using the Pro which is 64 bit. So that should give me higher quality but I got to thinking does that mean I need to run like XP 64 or Vista 64 on my machine in order for it to be true 64 bit? I have heard some people say there is a difference between 64 bit memory addressing and 64 bit audio summing engine. I would think the 64 bit audio summing engine should work regardless of operating system as long as the app is 64 bit enabled. However I could understand the memory addressing thing not being compliant on a 32 bit system with a fixed amount of RAM. So feedback would be awesome! let me know what you guys think

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