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Presonus Tube Interface

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Lukedrummer, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Lukedrummer

    Lukedrummer Guest

    Hi everyone I am saving up to get the presonus tube interface in a few months. Has anyone used it or had experience with it? I would really like to hear more about it before I buy. I have heard great recordings from the presonus firepod (which is pretty much the same thing) so that has interested me in buying the presonus tube. Also has anyone used the studio one DAW that comes with it? I am using Adobe Audition right now and its pretty good but something better would be nice.
  2. llatht

    llatht Active Member

    Check out the Steinberg MR816x ($699). It's got Steingerg's name on it but it's basically a Yamaha product. And Yamaha is saying the preamps in this thing are the best they have ever made. I haven't heard it yet...but...check out this thread that's been going on for well over a year at Gearslutz.com
    Steinberg CSX mr816
    After I ordered mine from Sweetwater, I found out it was on back-order. So I called my sales tech (who was very knowledgable about the product) and asked if there was anything under $1000 that was comparable. I told him I was even willing to pay more if needed. He told me flat out that there was nothing around that price that was of the same sound quality; not only because of the pre's in it but also the high quality d/a conversion.
  3. 10x10Studios

    10x10Studios Guest

    Well I have to say that for me, I got rid of my Steinberg box when I found the Firestudio Tube for my mobile recording gigs. At the same price as the Steinberg box, you get 16 inputs (12 XLR ins with 2 being combo jacks and 4 1/4" inputs) in one rack space. you can record on all 16 at once.

    The 2 XLRs on the front have gain, limiter and gain makeup knobs and are tube driven. Couldn't do my live gigs without it.

    Just my opinion of course.:cool:
  4. Lukedrummer

    Lukedrummer Guest

    Thanks for the responses! The 16 input channels and 10 preamps was a real attractive feature to me especially for that price. Also you can daisy chain them so they are very expandable. I'm starting to feel a lot more safe about buying it.
  5. 10x10Studios

    10x10Studios Guest

    With the 2 super channels on the front that have tube pres, it's a real good deal. Right now they are in a transition with the Windows 7 and Snow Leppard drivers and some are having issues at the moment. What kind of Computer and OS do you have?
  6. Lukedrummer

    Lukedrummer Guest

    I have a dell XPS 410.
    Intel Q6600
    2 gb 800mhz ram
    Windows 7 Ultimate

    I can install xp on here as a dual boot system if i really need to. Im not buying it for a few months until i get the money anyway so any driver issues should be resolved by then.
  7. 10x10Studios

    10x10Studios Guest

    Well, I must say that the Firestudio Tube is surely the best for the price. I found it's pres to be even a bit better than the Steinberg's rack unit, especially having the 2 super channels with the tubes. They're great for my bass and perfect with a good ribbon mic. Also, having 8 XLRs on the back for all my drum mics is very nice:smile:
  8. Lukedrummer

    Lukedrummer Guest

    Being able to mic my whole set and record separate channels is one of the main reasons I am getting a multitrack interface. I will most likely end up using samples on a lot of the drums, they really help. Also nice to hear good things about the pres. If i ever need a really good pre i could just plug it in the direct in's anyway.

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