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Pro Tools 10.3 crash at initial run

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by bassito78, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. bassito78

    bassito78 Active Member


    I finally just assembled my home set up, and have invested in some great equipment. I'm running pro tools (latest 10 update), UA2 DUO, on a custom built PC (WIN 7 Pro, totally optimized, 8 G RAM, 1000W power, dedicated graphics, and nothing else to muddy the system - brand new). I'm using a Mackie Onyx 1640i interface. It's firewire integrated, and a really well thought out board.

    Last night, after finally downloading and installing all of my updates, I tried to import sessions from an album I started working on at a friend's similar home setup. After initial setup and bug fixing a couple of semantic issues we were able to load a session. Now here is the issue.

    When we tried to play the session, nothing would happen. It just wouldn't play. Then, to my horror, after trying to change some sample rates, and other I/O settings the system crashed! Twice, before calling it a night... blue screen of death. A brand new custom system, that should have no problem handling this.

    So, do any of you have any idea why the session wouldn't play? Any PT optimizations that could help... anything that could help?

    Thanks guys,

  2. mberry593

    mberry593 Active Member

    What I really would like to suggest is that you may have a corrupted software situation. The fix is free. Download a fresh copy of Pro Tools here:

    Pro Tools 10.3.5 Info & Downloads

    Note that this is 10.3.5. Earlier versions of PT 10 did have stability problems but 10.3.5 is 'rock solid'.

    BUT, that takes a long time...so before you do that, consider some other possibilities.

    You are having these problems after opening an older session. Can you make a new session and run it without problems? If so, that points to a problem with the old session. If so, then try to make a new session and "Import Session Data" from the old session and see if that works. Finally, if you get this far, you can drag in the audio tracks from the old session. This will all be messy, but you can then continue to work with your old session.

    If you can't make a new session run without problems, either Pro Tools is corrupt (most likely) or your machine needs some work.

    If your machine needs work, a Sandra report will be very helpful. Sandra lite is free.

    SiSoftware Zone

    I'm going to guess from your symptoms that memory may be the issue. It is important to have matched memory sticks. It is important to check the memory timings and make sure that they are correct. If you have mismatched memory, you may be able to improve the situation by removing some sticks. You have 8 Gig, PT 10 is only 32 bit so it can't begin to use all of that (unless you are using disc cache) even if your OS is 64 bit. 4 gig is more than enough to load PT & Win 7 completely.

    Next, guess.....firewire driver. As you may know, Win 7 has some problems with firewire. Many Pro Tools users (me included) have success with loading the "legacy" firewire driver. Others have had success with other drivers. It's easy and free to try them. Note: Your machine needs to have a TI or Oxford chip in the firewire interface.

    Good luck! IHTH
  3. bassito78

    bassito78 Active Member

    Thanks bud,

    We actually did make a new session, using the old session file... it all looked good. Pans and points all there... it just wouldn't play. I'll go over these other options with my pal, and let you know.


  4. mberry593

    mberry593 Active Member

    Also........you probably know this but just in case, here are the official optimizations & troubleshooting steps:

    Windows Guide - Windows 7 Optimizations and Troubleshooting.

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