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Pro Tools Control 24 Console Questions?

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by pauseone, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. pauseone

    pauseone Active Member

    Hi guys, Im looking to step up my equipment in my home studio. I saw that a lot of studios were using the Pro Tools Control 24 Console. My questions are, Is this just a controller or does it help with mixing and sound quality? Also, can it and how would it work with my Pro Tools 003 rack being that there are only 8 ins and outs? Is there a way to assign tracks to the board, or do i need another piece of equipment to do so or does this not work at all? Also I was looking into the last version, used.
  2. Keith S

    Keith S Active Member

    The Control|24 is just a controller or as some say "a giant mouse" but it does have preamps - they're just not looked upon favorably by most. It helps with mixing if you like having a tactile surface to work upon, rather than a mouse. I prefer a control surface to mixing on screen.

    I have a 003 rack and control|24 setup that works just fine. I have a Focusrite Octopre linked to the 003 rack via ADAT for an additional 8 inputs. The 003 rack only has 4 preamps so you'll have to use outboard pres or four of the Control 24 pres if you want 16 inputs.

    Hope this helps.
  3. pauseone

    pauseone Active Member

    Keith, Thanks very helpful! I understand how i could gain more outs with the Octopre now! As for the Control 24, i have a few more questions now, Say you do a mix and save it but want to go back and make changes, does the control surface save its settings too? Plus, being that you use it, do you think it would be benefitial to spend the say 3,000 on a used one or should i apply that money to other needed equipment. I would love to have it but, Basically is it worth the money? Thanks Again!
  4. Keith S

    Keith S Active Member

    Well, no, all of the mix settings are saved in your computer. Every fader move, pan etc. is saved in the DAW just like if you used the mouse to make changes on the ProTools mix screen. The Control|24 has no memory of it's own. Once you make a mix using it, the moves are all saved and "played back" when you play the song. Make sense?

    I can't say if it's beneficial for you 'cause it's a matter of how you like to work. For me, I feel I can be more creative with it simply because it's more fun to work on a control surface than to work with a mouse. I use a mouse all day at my real job.

    Be aware that the earlier runs had major power supply issues. I had to replace mine. It only cost about $350.00 but I did it myself. I bought the PS from the very nice fellow at Shaw Hill Group


    He is a gem of a guy and custom built the supply, gave me some pointers to help me install it and was always available on the phone when I had questions.

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