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Pro Tools LE vs TDM

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by Jesse Free, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. Jesse Free

    Jesse Free Guest

    I am highly consiering investing in a MAC G4 simply to use for Pro Tools LE. A concern of mine is whether or not LE really resembles the full blown version of Pro Tools. In other words, if I master LE, will I be able to tranfer my skills to the Pro version?
    Also, can you tell me the main difference between LE and the Pro version. I know that LE limits you to 24 tracks, but what else is different
  2. ednaroma

    ednaroma Guest

    Hi Jesse,

    There's not a heap different between LE and the pro version except for track limitations and grunt. Obviously with a TDM system you can run a heap moreplug-insetc in real time.

    I personally have only seen pro version sused a couple of times, and couldn't see radical differences, although some would argue the extra grunt IS a radical difference.



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