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Pro Tools: " Sound Better Now"

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by hueseph, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Well.....that's the slogan anyway. There is a presentation and official launch of Pro Tools 10 and HDX. As much as I love to bash Pro Tools, I sincerely think this new platform will be a game changer. The new HDX cards are seriously powerful and Disc Cache is going to make a big difference in the way people work with audio. Once they go the full 64bit, there will be no stopping them.

    Now for an investment of $10000 you can have the power of an HD3 setup with up to five times the power and an omni I/O at nearly 1/3 the price. It's looking very nice. Of course, I may just be buying into the hype but we shall see. For those of you unable, unwilling or entirely uninterested, I'll be taking notes. If they let me, I may drag my handy cam along.

    Thursday December 15th at 5:30PM

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  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Awesome Hue, looking forward to your comments!
  3. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Well, the presentation was impressive. HDX is pretty amazing.

    Brian Carter: Producer/ Avid Specialist.

    David Casey: Avid Representative

    Running HDX 10.1 Beta. The hardware is not shipping yet. The Software for HDX is still in Beta.

    5 times power]
    4 times track count
    4 times delay comp
    4 times the headroom(32 bit float)
    Hybrid system: By this they mean that the plugins can run both natively and by way of DSP.

    As an example they ran a post session from Kick Ass. 256 tracks with plugins on each track.

    Clip Gain

    • Regions are no more now they are referred to as clips.
    • Clip info at bottom of region. Real time fader which is accessed via an icon at the bottom of the clip.
    • Clip gain line. Not automation envelope. Like a line representation of a fader.
    • Highlight region to adjust gain or can be penciled in. You can highlight multiple clips and adjust their gain simultaneously.
    • An alternative to compression. Like riding a fader but continuously adjustable and independent from the fader, unlike automation.
    • Clip gain not effected by Audio suite plugin render.

    Audio Suite Enhancements:

    • More than one rtas plugin open at a time! Finally!
    • Audiosuite follows handles. Pull handles and audio suite follows clip region
    • Grab and move highlighted crossfades in real time.
    • Reverse button on Dverb applies reverse reverb to track
    By Request from Brian Carter:

    ProTools 10 does work with RTAS.

    More on that in a bit.

    New Plugin Format AAX:

    AAX 64 bit ready. DSP AND NATIVE!

    Channels Strip:

    I can't really explain it but it's very cool. The mouse acts as a smart tool within the graphic view of eq and compression. Q is very easily adjustable within the Graphic view of the eq as well as attack, threshold, ratio in compressor.

    On The Other Hand:

    The very cool thing about AAX is that it can be run in both DSP and Native mode. That means that Heat and other plugins that were strictly TDM can now be used with an HD Native card. I don't know that this means they can also be used with a non HD system. It may be that these plugins will be available for purchase and/or with CPTK 2.

    The thing that concerns me is that once they do go 64 bit, RTAS will no longer be supported. So, although PT 10 does support RTAS, the next incarnation of ProTools will render any and all of the plugins you may have purchased in RTAS mode useless.

    It may be that some companies will offer reduced upgrades to compensate. One would hope.

    This all touched a sore spot. I had to ask in regards to UAD cards. They had only just been brought on as an RTAS developer. That's great but once ProTools goes fully 64 bit, where does that leave UAD users? I know that UAD had expressed that they would offer a free upgrade to 64 bit drivers and plugs but, RTAS are not 64 bit.

    This means one of two things:

    1. UAD will be re-coding AGAIN to AAX (and maybe the new AAX plugins will be able to run on UAD dsp power. I highly doubt this since this will mean that more people will be making use of the Avid plugins via the UAD which means less income for UA.).
    2. Avid are trying to thin out the competition.
    It just seems a bit low otherwise. I really hope that they've brought UA in on the AAX deal.
  4. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Thanks for the review. All this native PT has me looking in on the DUC again. I haven't done this in......ever......I don't think. I am excited for all of you PT users for PT11 and 64bit and what that might entail.
  5. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Good work Hue.

    Its stirring the pot and that part I like. I'm the same as you John. I haven't been on the DUC in years, but have been sniffing around lately.

    My gut feeling is the new HDX is going to be good on paper but possibly unstable for a few upgrades. This whole need to run hundreds of tracks with plug-ins is loosing my interests. But who knows, I may turn the ship around and chase it all too. For now though, its looks to be a lot of hype, overkill and grandeur many don't need.
  6. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I can honestly say that if you are a post production suite, you will want HDX. It absolutely will speed up your production and shrink your cost in the long run by a large amount.

    For music, HD Native is probably more than enough. And, though I honestly think ProTools does actually "sound good"(I know this is something debatable for most of us. Even I doubted there could be audible differences in DAWs until I accidentally heard a difference that I didn't intend on), Cubase sounds just as good and has many of the same features. Clip gain in by another name and efficient disc management along with many other very desirable plugins.
  7. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Something else that bothered me is, when asked about the release date for 64 bit, the answer was "I don't have a release date. It could be in the next twelve months. I could be later. It could be sooner." But, the push for A.S.S. support program for the "free upgrade" to 64 bit was a part of the promotion. What if 64 bit comes out in 15 months?

    I realize that the support program is more than just the free upgrade. It's about free tech support via email, phone or online for one year. Chances are you are going to use it but, you and I both know that they are counting on the fact that people are going to buy into it in the hopes that they will get the "free" upgrade to 64 bit. It's a bit evil. Kind of like selling snake oil when they've got the medicine on the way but it'll cost you to get the real thing.
  8. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    You mean you didn't expect cubase to ever sound as good as Pro Tools?
  9. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Not to turn this into a slammer again. I hope HDX kicks serious ass. I hope it actually sets a true audible standard and holds to it. I hope it will be rock stable and be everything I could ever dream of or hope for. But in the mean time, I have Sequoia 12 on order and it is right now, pretty damn close to everything I could hope for. It has all the plugin you need standard, and they are all steller ( well as stellar as plug-ins are).
    What I need is a virtual recording and mixing system that works. Something that can be used equally well with both software and hardware that doesn't tie me to one company should i want to expand gracefully. Samplitude does this right now and it is all 64bit. $3000.00 for the software. The hardware is your choices of the world.
  10. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    No. Another DAW but, I'll just leave it alone.
  11. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I can't hehe... You mean you didn't expect Pro Tools to sound as good as cubase or other DAW's, but they all sound the same?
  12. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    I don't think they sound the same (playback engine), but if I record a file they all sound like I expect them to sound at this point. The original file remains unchanged.
  13. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    hehe, yup. its the old playback that changes it all and gets it all hot and steamy. ooh la la we better not go there. smoke
  14. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Regarding UAD and AAX. I feel relieved to find out that UAD are in fact developing for AAX.

    A New Plug-in Format, Really? Avid Answers Our Questions About AAX and Pro Tools

  15. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Please don't spam this forum.

    I'll leave it up to the administrator as to whether or not to delete your links. I want to but, I don't want to seem like a tyrant. This is your third post and all that you've done is spam with every post.....actually......
  16. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    just a note. I've been seeing a few HD1 Accel cards going for well under $1000. Some as cheap as $600. Maybe I'm a fool to think this but, i wouldn't be ashamed to own last decades model and PT10 HD. It would still be a huge upgrade for me and far cheaper than PT10 and CPTK2.
  17. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Thanks for chiming in. I'm actually running Pro Tools 9.06 right now. It's fine enough for me for the moment. It sure would be nice to have that processing power though. I'm happy to use last years software or even PT 10 which is the last release that will support the Accel cards. Burning bridges is something Avid uh.....excels at. The pun is implied. I know I didn't spell it like a pun. :tongue:
  18. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    I'd still think hard about it. The adc of those older units has to be babied. If nothing else, how cheap is it going to be when the new stuff is actually released.
  19. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I have to be honest I have thought this too but for no smart reason other than just because its Pro Tools and a deal. Its a carrot but maybe a good one. dunno...
    Keep in mind, its a dead end, no support and the computers running it are also at a dead end soon. All the new upgrades, plugins and third party will call for the latest OS. Its tempting and a good thing right now but...

    I think you are better off getting a Mac min, PT 10 and a killer converter and building as you need. Either way you look at it, wait until they are dumping them one after the other. There will be a time no one will even want the HD system. We don't really need all these plugin do we? I keep asking myself why everyone needs so many plugins.

    For those looking at spending big money, Sequoia 12 is going to be a monster and it will also be Mac or PC within the year.
    There will be a Sequoia announcement here after the holidays.
  20. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Alright. Looking forward to that.

    As far as ProTools is concerned. I still might do it. If the price is right. It may be last decades tech but that doesn't make it any less useful. We aren't talking bout a mix system here but and HD1. I will still need to get a worthy interface.
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