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Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by jhagertybhs, Oct 22, 2007.

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    I am a member of Southern Gospel Trio and we use tracks for performance. Right now were using minidisc but are considering upgrading to something hard drive. I have seen many groups using a (pardon my ignorance) a white, table top, apparently hard drive audio player with a remote. Could someone educate me as to what this might be? Also, any suggestions for something better than minidisc? Thanks!!
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    What you are talking about is this:

    This is the new version. The old version was all white. This is RAM based. It does NOT play from a hard-drive, making it WAAAY more reliable.

    360 Systems is a staple for your industry. It is also used heavily in broadcasting as well.
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    At my job we use the 360's for incidental track playback and short BGM loops. When we need background and sweetener tracks we go with Roland DR16s (we used to use Otari 8 track reels!).

    Also, for CD / MP3 playback, we have the Denon 635 CD/MP3 players.
    They are pretty rugged, after you remove the cheap plastic track select knob, that is.

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