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Problem getting new plug ins to run on Cubase.

Discussion in 'Cubase' started by jmm22, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. jmm22

    jmm22 Guest

    I had a long string of success in downloading unpacking (with winzip) and using plug ins. However, the last few times have been problematic, and I do not know why. Just now I had problems with a demo version of Brainworx BX-XL. The program appeared to install o.k., I restarted the computer as suggested, but when I load the plug in, a page comes up (as expected) saying do you want to continue using BX-XL trial version, click trial to continue, after which a window opens up that is nothing like what the BX program looks like, and it is a dead window, with no features. I tried moving the .dll file around, but this did not seem to help. The BX-XL plug also shows up in my list of plug ins, but it simply does not work. Any guesses what the problem might be?
  2. jmm22

    jmm22 Guest

    Well, I have not the foggiest idea of what happened, but after trying a dozen or more things, uninstalling the program caused it to start working. Go figure.

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