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Problem recording with Saffire 24 interface and Belari mic pre amp

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by EMCEE EXORCIST, Mar 22, 2012.


    EMCEE EXORCIST Active Member

    Problem recording with Saffire 24 interface and Belari mic pre amp. The problem is i want the my Mic about 10 inchs away from my mouth while i monitor through my headphones but i have to turn the mic gain up considerable in order to hear well through headphones, but if i turn up mic gain up the preamp noise increases too much. Is there away i can turn down my mic gain and turn up volume in headphones? you must know the volume on saffire head phone level is at its highest.
  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    What happens on the recorded track? What level are you seeing in your DAW? Does the recorded track have excessive noise when you listen to it at reasonable volume through monitor loudspeakers? Have you tried connecting the microphone (what type is it?) directly into one of the Saffire mic inputs, i.e. not using the Belari (MP105?)?

    EMCEE EXORCIST Active Member

    Thank you for the response, It seems i needed to learn more about the routing. problem solved.

    EMCEE EXORCIST Active Member

    I get volume from headphones well now, but the wave form is very small, while the preamp out put is at 3:00 almost 100%

    EMCEE EXORCIST Active Member

    [h=1]it is a Bellari RP503Bellari RP503[/h]
  6. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Well-Known Member

    Learning how to set gain and level is simple. The first thing you do is take your headphones off. You arm your software for record and if necessary, roll. You go up to your microphone where you think you should be and you tweak your gain trim for proper recording level indications in your software. Now you can put your headphones on and adjust the volume of your headphones to a proper level for your hearing. If you hear some hiss, that's because the little electrons are all excited that you're there. If that noise level appears on your meter to at least be -45 DB down from your average volume level of your recorded source, you're good. Then afterwords, in the software, you can deal with whatever background hiss might be bothering you. All microphone preamps exhibit some kind of hiss especially when folks don't have their headphones volume properly adjusted. You don't start with headphones, you end with headphones. You don't put your shorts on over your pants do you? You don't walk out of the house with your toothbrush still in your mouth do you? If you have a tendency to do that, you may want to purchase a pair of pants that already has the shorts built into them, on the inside. You might want to purchase a toothbrush that actually fits over the tip of your tongue so that you can be brushing the inside of your teeth with the tip of your tongue while your mouth is closed and your smiling at everybody.

    I like Aural B toothbrushes
    Mx. Remy Ann David

    EMCEE EXORCIST Active Member

    oh i see, i will try your suggest.

    EMCEE EXORCIST Active Member

    [h=2]REMYRAD tHANK yOU it works[/h]i HAVE tools and dont even know how to use them, your the best thank you again. Plus 27db @ software input, less preamp gain( from full to 12:eek:o position) less preamp output (40% LESS = really nice wave form and no normalization --- THANK YOU!!!

    EMCEE EXORCIST Active Member

    i MODDED THE Bellari RP503Bellari RP503 IT sounds really good now.

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