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    Of course I've heard the argument that instead of reaching for pitch correction with a less than desired performance, you should find a better singer who can sing in tune. For me, seeing as that pitch correction is used in almost all "pop" music nowadays. And I focus primarily on recording "pop", melodyne and auto-tune are two core tools of my studio and buisness. I've recently noticed a problem with Auto-Tune EFX 3 that has been happening a lot lately and I'm wondering what you all think. Especially with a lower vocal, auto tune seems to create a harsh "feedback" type sound on certain spots of a vocal. It's a ringing around the 8k+ range and is difficult to get rid of when auto tune is in the strip. Changing the retune speed and or switching between vocal types (Bartitone, tenor, Instrument) doesn't fix this and I've tried every combination of settings. It sounds as though when the note isn't quite reached by the singer, the plug in is trying to force the note where it isn't normally going it in turn amplifies this harsh frequency and makes a painful ringing. Without the tuning i can't hear this problem, so I'm convinced it's the plug ins fault. If anyone has suggestions or the same problem let me know. Thanks!!
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    I can't help you but could suggest a better product from what I'm told. I use Melodyn. Its excellent and very transparent when you want it to be.
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    I have to agree with Chris @audiokid...Melodyne is excellent.

    I have both Melodyne and Izotope Nectar 2 which has their Pitch Editor which also is very good.

    I haven't used the Auto-Tune EFX 3 so I can't comment on how it performs against the two I mention above.

    Personally, I try not to use a pitch correction unless its absolutely necessary and under extreme circumstances. I recently had a song I was mixing where the vocals were tracked by someone else, the recording was well done but the vocal was a little pitchy...I ran it through Nectar 2 Pitch Editor, while it did correct the issue and was hard to detect the correction, I decided to run with the original uncorrected track as it kept the human element and feel to the track, with an originality to the performance.

    Nothing like ending up with something that has a robotic, Battlestar Galactica Cylon inspired, Cher auto-tune effect for a vocal, which I absolutely, personally can't stand.

    But, if used subtly and used right, pitch correcting vocals can be an advantage to fixing something that sounds up to $*^t.

    You can't polish a turd...but you can roll it in glitter.;)
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  4. Sean G

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    Does it allow you to open an editor to be able to move notes around ?

    If so can you go in and change the note manually on the grid, maybe to make it less harsh or are you relying on the plug-in preset to do the correcting?
  5. kmetal

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    I know exactly what noise your talking about, and I thought I was the only one who ever heard it. I believe it's intonation based, and the plugin can't quite keep up, with the complex harmonics the throat generates. It's either the algorithm coding, or just a bunch of cancelled frequencies, I think.

    You may want to try melodyne, or manual correction mode if your version has it, if not it might be worth upgrading to the version that does,

    If it's only bothersome on that one line, I'd isolate that line on a duplicate track, and treat it separately with watever it took. That way you can leave auto tune artifact free on the original track, and band aid the botched line.
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    One method to fix that is to detune about 20cents up or down with a plugin prior to the Autotune EFX.
    Another is subtractive eq with highpass filter before EFX to remove subfreq.
    Works sometime.
    If it doesn't, I reach for Melodyne, correct vocal a little..then use EFX for the effect.

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