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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by quietman, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. quietman

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    I've just bought Wavelab Elements and beginning to find my way round it. I'm putting together a CD of my tracks. Wavelab wants to know all the details for the CD Text... album name, track name, artist etc... standard stuff.

    When I Write an Audio CD none of the CD Text is carried across to the CD. All I get is Track 1, Track 2 etc....

    The PC Wavelabs is installed on is my Music Studio PC and I don't have anything like iTunes/Media Monkey installed for ripping CDs to MP3 (my laptop does this). So do I need another program that recognises my CD Text I have entered for my CD-R?

    Forgive me, as this is all pretty new to me as I have spent the past 2 years just recording my music!

    Any ideas would be appriciated...

  2. Link555

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    What is your burner model number and make?
  3. bouldersound

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    Have you tried the disk on a player known to read CD Text? It's possible you're writing it okay but the player doesn't read it.
  4. quietman

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  5. quietman

    quietman Active Member

    this is what I don't understand, the disks are wrting OK all tracks get copied from Wavelabs but no CD Text. My laptop has iTunes and obviously works by copying the text of a CD by using gracenote onto my hard drive as mp3...

    my music studio PC doesn't have Tunes loaded as I wanted to try and avaoid that. Do I need to load iTunes or soemthing like that so that it will copy the text to my CD-R?
  6. philter1

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    Sounds to me like your burner doesn't do CD Text. I've an Atapi in this machine and it might as well not be there :biggrin: So I'd invest in a burner that does CD Text, I bought an external one a month or so back, excellent results :cool:

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