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Problem with Cubase.

Discussion in 'Cubase' started by disgustipated, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. So when I over dub guitar or bass over a drum track, My guitar or bass player can play to the drum track spot on, but cubase recordes it out of sync, so I have to zoom in and line up the tracks manually, ITS A PAIN IN THE ASS!!!> help please!!!
  2. yzfwv

    yzfwv Guest

    What's your setup. Sounds like a latency issue maybe.
  3. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Haha, that isn't Cubase screwing you up. That is your soundcard (Soundblaster?) screwing you up.
  4. yes i have a soundblaster. So new soundcard time eh?, what Do I need? Keeping in mind eventualy I will have an Maudio Delta 1010, but I don't have the cash for that right now.
  5. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    I don't recall the soundblaster having zero latency monitoring, and I can't remember what I used to do, but yes the Delta 1010 should cure all of your troubles.
  6. thanks for your input, I won't be able to afford the 1010 for a while. I think I'll look for a new card with "zero latency monitoring" THANKS!!!!
  7. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    If your tracking one instrument at a time over midi drums or loops, consider the audiphile 2496 or equivalent from any other company. Craig Anderton gave the Presonus Firebox a good whacking and seems pretty impressed with it. One word of advice: get rid of the hacked software. That IS 90% of your problem. If you had legit software, you could likely download the update that will fix the problem (which, by the way, may not necessarily be latency.). Since, however, you downloaded your software, there is no update and the inherent bugginess of hacked warez will plague you for as long as you use it. Many cards come with software. Some come with Cubase LE which limits you only to 32 audio tracks and only 16 VSTI and as few as 2 inserts per channel. Oh no! Whatever would you do with such limitations? Get real good at makin' do with what you have that's what. And when the tools become available to you, you really will be able to put them to use.
  8. k2600

    k2600 Guest

    I have a delta audiophile 2496. It's a great soundcard and it's pretty inexpensive too. I use a buffer size of 128 and hardly notice any latency.
    The only thing about it though.. (which some people hate): Unbalanced Inputs (RCA) Other than that it's perfect. There's also the Delta 1010LT for about 100-120 bucks.

    Did Cubase not feature latency compensation?
    Which driver are you using? (ASIO multimedia, I suppose). You could try something different for the time being. i.e. ASIO4ALL http://www.asio4all.com/ and see if you get better results with that.
  9. orbit

    orbit Guest

    pirated software

    ok i too have used downloaded cubase. here's the thing - i cannot, for the life of me, get my delta 1010 to pass the sync tests. my SBlive passes with flying colors but my delta never has (ive tried multiple downloads as well as this is my THIRD delta, i had them exchange it twice)

    can anyone tell me that the downloaded software is what is causing the issue? if so, is there any freeware asio compatible software in which i could test this theory to see if my delta is in fact working properly? ive just been cursing m audio for MONTHS now because i cant fu*(%ng believe i have gotten "three defective units" and im only 22, to spend ~450$ on a unit that i have read all good praise from makes me cry everytime i think about it :evil:
  10. k2600

    k2600 Guest

    Re: pirated software

    Did you check your audio settings in cubase? When you run it for the first time, brings up the sync test screen. You can skip that since it's testing a generic driver (ASIO multimedia) and not the one included with you soundcard.
    Go to the "devices" menu, then select "device setup" go to "VST audiobay" and select the appropiate driver.
  11. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Re: pirated software

    You see? You've got the problem figured out already. Go out and spend $150.00 at the very most on Cubase LE, read the manual and you should be good to go. The sync test is useless. My delta card never ever passed that test but I was still able to track over 24 tracks per project. Oh. Then again, I actually paid for Cubase.
  12. orbit

    orbit Guest

    i ended up begging my friend for his LE copy that came with his audio interface and lo and behold it works great.

    regardless of the sync test failing (i found out last night that it does the sync test with its own multimedia drivers no matter what so on m audio's site it says specifically that it will fail the test and just to skip it) what finally makes sense is that before when i chose my asio m audio drivers it would switch and then say like input lat 6.xxx ms but the output latency would be anywhere from 6ms to like 700 and i would have to rechoose the drivers sometimes 5 times before it would read correctly (if i didnt then when i tried playback the cursor wouldnt even move nothing would play) and finally when it would read 6ms correctly, most of the time it would only work for 5-10 minutes then it would do the laglock crap again.

    so yeah pirated audio software sucks, im infinitely happy that to find that my hardware is working properly, or at least close to it (sometimes when i boot up my breakout box doesnt power up but that isnt TOO big of a deal...i dont think)

    i ended up skipping sleep last night because i was working on a song i was soooo excited to A> not have cubase crash at random, B> never have any random latency, C> be able to add plugins WHILE playback occurs (that would ALWAYS crash cubase before)

    my music is reborn!
  13. FreakStudios

    FreakStudios Guest

    Hold on a sec though.

    you might be able to get low latency on a soundblaster. but you need to set your asio driver under Devices>Devices set up> the go to Multitrack and youll see Multimedia Asio driver. you need to select your sound cards asio driver. then set your latency to 5 or so and it should be fine depending on your comp.

    now if you downloaded cubase I recomend you buy one. I did use cubase sx1 and nuendo 1.5 for a while and i downloaded those, now they kept giving me problems and since i bought nuendo 3.1 and cubase SX3 theres no problem at all. Cracked versions really screw up your recordings and they keep crashing. get an original one. be legit and youll have no prob.

    the Delta 1010 is nice but I think the Emu1820/m is pretty much the same or better for the price.

    but theres many you can choose from. just make sure they got what you need.

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