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Problem with Proteus X

Discussion in 'Recording' started by cwright, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. cwright

    cwright Guest

    Hello everyone,
    I recently installed a Proteus X and I'm quite impressed by it. It's certainly very good value for money.

    I can play it from my keyboard, a Korg M1 and it seems to work quite well.

    However, I've hit a problem. I recorded a MIDI track into Cubasis VST. But I can't get it to play back through Proteus.

    If I set the track up for Microsoft GS Wavetable, then the Proteus 0404 card does play the notes (as a piano). But if I set it up for proper Proteus X playback there's no sound at all.

    This is how I've set it up:

    1. The actual track in Cubasis is set up as E-DSP MIDI Port(7000).

    2. In the Cubasis options, Audio System Setup is set as E-MU ASIO.

    The result is silence.

    I suspect the problem may lie in the setup for Patchmix DSP. The manual says to select the Proteus X session, but it doesn't exist on my installation, so I'm using the others (e.g. Product Default or Emulator X) which seem to work okay in all other respects.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks.

    Best regards,
  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    1) Selelct, Product Default in PatchMix.

    2) After launching PX within Cubase as a VSTi, load a bank or preset into PX. In the upper left of the EX window is an oval button labeled Single and another 1-16. Click on the 1-16. Load your preset/sample in to each of the 1-16 ch's you want to use.

    3) Now click on the Output oval button. Now on the right side for each ch and choose an output. In most case it will be ASIO 31/32. Now play the graphic keyboard or sequence or MIDI controller.

    Remember, if your sequencer, or VST program has data in it that is sending MIDI messages such as pgm change, cntrl data, volume ect.. the PX will respond, but not the way you think it might if everything is not set correctly.
  3. cwright

    cwright Guest

    many thanks for the help. I think 2) is the key - I didn't even know you could launch PX from Cubase!

    But still no joy. I'm not sure how to launch PX from Cubase. The online help isn't much help.

    The VST window has four options:LM-9, Neon,Universal Sound Module and vb-1. There's no reference to PX at all. Could it be that PX is not properly installed as a VST instrument?

    If PX were properly installed as a VST instrument, would selecting it in the VST window actually launch the PX software so I can select presets etc?

    Many thanks.

    Best regards,
  4. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Make sure that you have down loaded and installed the most recent PX update, Patchmix update and driver update. If properly installed, PX should be one of the VSTi choices along with the others.

    Make sure you can use PX in stand alone mode befre you atempt to use it as a VSTi.
  5. cwright

    cwright Guest

    It's working now!

    The main PX patch fixed it. Either the new ProteusX.dll file fixed it or the older file had been installed in the wrong place by the installer. Now PX appears correctly in the Cubase VST window and Cubase plays the PX sounds correctly. Many thanks!

    Best regards,
  6. splinter

    splinter Guest

    Hi Chris & Audigaff,

    Cant see a download on the Emu site for the PX ? Does it need reinstalling from CD .

    Many thanks
  7. cwright

    cwright Guest

    Hi splinter,
    it's there but it takes a bit of finding! (and you don't need to reinstall from the CD).

    From the emu.com front page, choose SUPPORT from the top of the page. Then choose desktop products / desktop instruments / Proteus X. Then choose Software & Manuals and you'll finally see the patch downloads. I downloaded all three but I've only installed the main 1.51 Proteus X patch, as that fixed the problem.

    I'm well impressed by Proteus X. Even some of the GM sounds are pretty good. I'm now fairly sure that the sound quality is better than my old Roland JV-1080.

    I just found a nice feature. From Cubasis you can export the whole composition as a .wav file, so putting our masterpieces onto audio CD's will be dead easy!

    Best regards,
  8. splinter

    splinter Guest

    Many thanks again Chris.. Currently at work so have another look tonight and get back to you.
    I owe you a virtual drink after all this i think :)
  9. splinter

    splinter Guest

    Hallelujah... As he falls to his knees.. finally got it.

    Many thanks Chris & Audiogaff, your help has been much appreciated. I hope im not back too soon with similar headaches!!
    :D :D :D

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