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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by soundfarm, Jul 1, 2005.

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    I recently sent a project off to a well known pressing house for a client. This was the first time I had used said company and was going based on recommendations. The master was perfect in terms of dynamics, volume, and all technical specs we optimum. We auditioned the one-off on several systems (keeping in mind the sonic properties of these systems) and it was great. All was right with the world. However, when we received the finished product, it sounded like poop on the same systems! The levels seemed lower and the dynamics were squashed. Our masterpiece was ruined! The company claims they made no alterations whatsoever and they used the single speed glass mastering as requested. It sounds to me like it was some how re-dithered during the transfer process.

    Has anyone else had this problem with CD-Man?
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    This is a bit weird. First, if you compare the master with one copy from the duplication house, is there a difference? Dithering will not squashed and kill the material and dynamics. Why they would have to Dither anyways?? Did you give them a Master Audio CD in 16/44 ?

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    there are a few things that could have happened. 1 is they ran it through something. 2 is that the pressing isn't good. If the pressing isn't done right, the temperature or the cooling wasn't correct, it will result is lots of errors and or higher jitter. I've had a few projects where this has happened. Sounds like there is a fuzzy hazey distortion over everything. Ran it through the analyzer and the error rates were extremely high. After many back and forths, they finally admitted that there was a problem at the plant. Eastern European plant I believe. I've also had one or two happen in the states with odd errors pressed in the disc where it wouldn't allow one song to be mp3'd because of an extrememly high burst of errors in one spot.
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    Thanks for the quick feed back! I haven't finished analyzing the one-off with the pressed copy. What I have seen thus far, is a higher error rate per second on the copy than the master. The C1 error rate on the master was 0.9 per second. The error rate on the pressed copies is 2.9 per second. 2.9 is not a real high error rate, but when it's 3 times the original, I get a little concerned. There were a few peaks that maxed out around 34 , but it was fine. And yes, the master was 16/44 and fully red-book compliant. I am going to run through a frequency analyzer and get some volume stats between the two. Everything else was great as far as printing quality and assembly. I am going to do some more investigation and will let you know what I find.
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    Good, let us know, I am very curious about all that.


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