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Profession Musician "live gigs" pro forum links? Anyone ?

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by JohnTodd, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. JohnTodd

    JohnTodd Well-Known Member

    Hi! I just got a permanent paid gig with a very well-known and established band. It's my first permanent gig since the 90's. I expect the band to be touring again constantly within a year. Yay for me!

    What I am looking for are just internet forums that are for pro gigging musicians. This new internet thing makes lots of info available....so I want to get on other forums and read, read, read.

    Anyone know of any pro player forums out there?
  2. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Congratulations JT. I'm sure you'll do a great job.
  3. lambchop

    lambchop Active Member

    Hmm, I wonder what sort of information would be obtainable on a "pro musician" forum that is not already obtainable on this and other sites. I consider myself a semi-retired pro musician that still works a couple of times a week on average and am considering going back full-time at some point in the future. A number of sites that I peruse are frequented by professional players and many even have dedicated areas for discussing "pro musician" oriented matters.

    I'll try to continue this at a later stage, but need to start getting ready for my gig tonight at Miles Cafe in Midtown Manhattan.
  4. JohnTodd

    JohnTodd Well-Known Member


    Thanks to both of you!

    Now I just gotta get the nut and bridge mounted on my Tele-partscaster......it never ends. The Les Paul is a rockin' though!

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