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Promote your mix, Sell your tunes, Promote your artists.

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by audiokid, Mar 7, 2001.

  1. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    We all record music but when it comes down to promoting our actual music we write, mix etc. it seems to be the down fall of alot of us. Self promotion! Well now's your chance to be cutting edge and do it or offer it to your client for next to nothing!
    If you just finished recording a project and you could market your work/ the band you just finished wouldn't it be cool to say to them, " how would you like to put your music online with copy protected watermark, e-commerce set-up on about 1000 online retail outlets streaming your music world wide for $148.00 USD a year lol!

    How many of you would be interested in selling your music or just promo your stuff through RO via liquid audio streaming?

    We can set up a package starting at $148 a year! (about 5 songs per package). (Singles coming) The music would be streamed and linked up to about 1000 online retail outlets (amazon.com, CD now etc). The download sound quality is the best of all online formats with digital watermarks encoded in each song. Each song can have your studio info, logo, album design image, artist info, lyrics, credits: ( intellectual property, engineer, studio it was recorded at, who mastered it etc.) a time limit can ba added for self destruction of the audio file, how many time it can be transfered and more all for $148 a year!

    You could add your music to your email signature files, post your music on RO under your free studio link, put them under each post you make on RO or send them as an email attachment that would download/stream in seconds to the receiver. No long downloads like mp3 is on the other end listening to your product! If your like me I rarley wait more than 30 sec for anything.

    If you want to sell your tunes you can set the price of each song. If you just want to stream your music for free listening (no e-commerce) then you can do that too. Many options here.

    The format rocks! I've been watching this company since 97 and they are happening, All the big guns are supporting LQA. They got the thumb in the beginning over growing pains and mp3 because the free sites were the trend. If we support free rather than companies like Liquid we are all toast. The labels know this. Beside that, It's the best format out there.

    They are setting up a download burner in retail stores to boot. People walk in and make compilation CD's, very exciting!

    The LQA player is compatible with windows, realnetwork, mp3 so it's no problem hearing your music.

    Major labels are supporting Liquid now.

    Let me know if this interest you and I will post more info.

    RO /all of us can set a new standard for studios globally. If we join our hands on this one there's no telling what could happen. Remember, we are the ones that track it first. Up till now we've been giving it to labels, I'm not sure we have to do it like that anymore but that's another topic. The main thing is this format is working and worth checking out!

    5 songs (copy protected) downloaded to a burner at 44.1. E-commerce credit card processing and global marketing all for $148 a year!
    Show us a better online way to market our music and bands.
  2. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    How does the self destruct thing work?
  3. alphajerk

    alphajerk Active Member

    ever see mission impossible?
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Self destructing audio files

    exactly alphajerk, mission impossible!

    this is done during the encoding (liquid audio mastering process)

    When someone auditions the song online we have a choice of what can be done to that song. One of the choices is allowing someone to download the song for a time limit. If they sent the song to say, one hundred people (napster) and it had a self destruct time limit for one day it wouldn't play anymore after 24 hours. You would have to go back to the actual download site and reloaded it. (Assuming they liked the song that much) they would then maybe deside to buy the song at the set price you are asking for it.

    It gets better. When they have the paid for version of the song we can have it play only on that audio system it was downloaded too

  5. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    here are some FAQ's about Liquid Audio :cool:

    Check this out while your at it (links now dead)

    Introducing Liquidâ„¢ Kiosk Network 2.0
  6. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Anyone want to get on a waiting list? give me an email

  7. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    How many of you would like to promo or sell your music online? We only need ten more people to get this thing rolling.

  8. brad

    brad Guest

  9. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Hi Brad, I hear you. we must have gotten interested in Liquid around the same time. I bought the plug-in in 97 but weird things happened during that time. Start up pains, mp3, napster, big companies trying to squash a new company with a good idea by spreading BS ;)

  10. Solfatio

    Solfatio Guest

    It would almost be worth it...but last time I checked (a couple months ago), there was no such thing as Mac support, which really bugged me--since I use a Mac...however, I checked out Liquid player on my work PC, and loved the whole customization thing. As a consumer, some of the options bug me (I use about 4 different computers, I'd hate to be limited to only listening to certain bands on 1 of them; not to mention having to filter through which songs I was licensed to burn to an audio CD, which ones I could back-up as an MP3 file, etc), and speaking of bugs...sitting at work on a computer for 8 hours a day, constantly updating playlists, fastforwarding, changing tracks, minimising, expanding, closing, opening, downloading, etc. (no, not *working*), the programme usually inexplicably crashed on me several times a day (usually 4-10 times, often requiring full restarts), and when it didn't actually crash, there were a lot of issues about the interface suddenly freaking out (weird stuff, like the faceplate would suddenly be halfway off the right-hand side of the screen, and would snap back there whenever moved; to use any of the controls, you'd have to click where they *used* to be in order to move them).

    Good idea, but it needs a lot of work, and it needs a lot of ironing out of the kinks. But of course, that's something that will only happen once it starts getting wide useage. =)

  11. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Solfatio, good to get some feedback! I sent your concerns to LQA support and this was their reply.


    Your friend's statements are a little difficult to address, as there is no mention of what version of our Liquid Player for the
    Mac he was using, or what else he may have been doing with his system(s) (all Macs?) I'm also not clear what he means by having no Mac support. We do, both in Player and technical

    However, saying that:

    The option that bugged him (restriction to x number of computers) isn't as he imagines. You can actually copy your registration file to (by implied contract with us), to two additional computers, and make the music available on all three. In order to prevent someone from just giving the registration file away, the owner's credit card number is imbedded in the file, however. This is part of the process we employ to protect the rights of the artists and music labels.

    Liquid Audio format music cannot be converted to MP3. Once again, this is to protect the rights of the artist and labels. However, in the Playlist, MP3's, which our player can burn to the same disk as our lqt format files, are clearly marked with icons which show both their burn status (lqt files are burnable only once), and their format.

    The few complaints we have had about Liquid Player crashing, have almost always been related to the amount of work being done on the computer. This is true of most applications, in that the more of the resources you use, the less you have availble to work with. The Liquid Player does use significant resources, however. So, playing a game, or doing something else that requires a large amount of a systems' resources could cause problelms. Each subsequent version of the Liquid Player for the Mac gets more efficient.
    New versions of the Player for both Mac and Windows are due out shortly.

    I've seen no reports of faceplates acting oddly.

    Finally, the largest percentage of our users actually use Windows systems, rather than Macs.

    Oh, you may also want to know that lqt format files are playable with the Real Jukebox, using a plugin from the Real site, and a recently released plugin (from our site) supports the Winamp player.

    Also, under special circumstances, music hosted on our sites can be also made available as .wma files for use with the Windows Media Player.

    Hope this answers your questions.
  12. Solfatio

    Solfatio Guest

    Hm, I must not have looked hard enough for a Mac version (I downloaded from Amazon.com). I used the PC version only...4.something (it's been a few months now).

    I seem to have a habit of unexplainable problems with software, that only happen to me. <grin> On a (mac-based) on-line game I play, the front end software will occasionally collapse all windows and refuse to open them again, forcing me to delete my preferences and set up the front end all over again (I've starting saving a back-up copy just for the constant restorations!). But I digress...

    It's good there are different icons for burnable/nonburnable/etc files; I mostly used some free self-destructing files and MP3's from my own CD's.

    Reading my post, I realise I wasn't entirely clear on some of my issues--mostly that I neglected to mention that I hadn't done a whole lot of troubleshooting on my own, I just took what was happening at face value.

    FWIW, I usually just had LAP, Word, and a Unix terminal open on a PII 200+Mhz machine with 64MB of RAM running Windows 95. I don't know a whole lot more about the machine than that, the IT guys where I was at were pretty secretive. <grin>

    I might check out LA for Mac once I get a better internet connection than a 56k.

    I...had other things on my mind, but I got distracted. :p Mostly, your reply answered my questions/issues. Thanks ! =D LA isn't really something I'll get much use out of now (between music production, design work, real work, etc., etc., I don't spend much time listening to MP3's or the like, just CD's through my stereo).

    Just thought of a question, though. Probably not the best place to post it, but (wondering aloud) I wonder how Liquid Audio plans to compete/work with portable MP3 players that are becoming more and more problems?

  13. daceymathers

    daceymathers Guest

    I really like these techniques and i hope that it will be helpful in promoting or marketing our music or bands.These are best and unique ways for music promotion.I have heard about various music promotion methods like music promotion through social networking sites or creating your own website or using flyers and poster techniques but the method you have mentioned is really appreciable.
  14. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Liquid Audio was such a cool idea. I bought into it when Pro Tools TDM Mix was launched around 2001. It was a producers dream way to promote our clients work. Liquid Audio designed a plugin for Pro Tools that allowed us to bounce PT session into a Liquid Audio format, then upload it to their distribution network and so on. It lasted about a year and died.
    This topic is really old and out of date.

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