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Proteus x

Discussion in 'Recording' started by splinter, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. splinter

    splinter Guest

    Hello folks,

    This is my first posting here and after any advise if possible. I am looking for advise with first setting up the Proteus desktop package. If you have already done it you may be able to help. I fitted new card ok and drivers cd rom ok. The manual then becomes quite vague, it gives no indication as to which order you should install other 5 cd roms but I think they were installed ok. Trouble is that I am waiting for the right leads to connect to mixer as had to mail order so havent checked to see if card working ok yet. To get started does this thing revolve round the DSP Patchmix window?
    Sorry if sounding like a fool here folks but thought that someone who has installed & is using the proteus x might be able to give me a better "idiots guide" to starting off than the manual seems to give.
    Any help or thoughts very much appreciated.
    Thanks :)
  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    PatchMix DSP is the application that controls the drivers and the soundcard. It is a virtual mixer and signal router. Signals are routed out of PatchMix up to programs/applications and back. It is in PatchMix (or as a VST effect) that you can use the E-MU DSP effects.
  3. splinter

    splinter Guest

    Many thanks for your reply. I seem to be making slow progress just gotta learn to be patient with my gear, just wanna rip open box a jam but I know doesnt always work like that. One other query is at moment I use Akai MPC & Adobe Audition + vinyl/samples. Now I have the Proteus X which I looked into before purchasing as I needed a half decent soundcard & this it looked great value.. Now to my next question which may seem very stupid but i dont care! Do i need a midi controller to work the proteus x, i was planning on getting one at some point anyway, but trouble is I only get a certain amount of time to play with my gear (life gets in the way sometimes!) and as far as i got last night it was looking the case that it is designed to be used with aan external keyboard ??
    Still on my steep learning curve folks so bare with me :)
  4. cwright

    cwright Guest

    Hello splinter,
    I installed a Proteus X a couple of days ago so we're both on the same (steep) learning curve!

    I got it working with my keyboard, an ancient Korg M1. Without a keyboard you can still play the sounds on the software keyboard. Here's what I had to do to get it working:

    1. It's essential to first run Patchmix DSP. Click on the New Session button at the top right. The manual says to select the Proteus X session, but it doesn't exist on my installation. It seems to work with most of the others such as Product Default and Emulator X.

    2. Close Patchmix DSP and run Proteus X. From File, load a bank of presets such as Proteus X Composer.

    3. Double-click on the Presets icon in the list window on the left (or click on the + symbol). You should see a list of all the presets in the window. Simply click on a preset to select it.

    4. Play the preset sounds on the keyboard at the bottom of the screen. That's all....

    I'm quite impressed by Proteus X, particularly for the price. I also got the Virtuoso expansion CD (orchestral instruments). Some of the string sounds are pretty good but many of the brass and wind instruments are hopeless. You simply wouldn't recognise the trombone, it's so bad. The same goes for some of the other instruments, so I'll be looking around to see if it's possible to get guaranteed high quality samples.

    Anyway, good luck with the Proteus.

    I've run into a brick wall with trying to run Cubasis VST and Proteus X together, but to avoid taking over this thread I'll start another one!

    Best regards,
  5. splinter

    splinter Guest

    Hi Chris,

    It's very nice to know I am not on my own here!! Many thanks for your reply, I seem to be in exactly the same boat as yourself at the moment.
    I have got PX working fine now but guess what? Am having exactly the same problem regarding playback in Cubasis VST. I seem to be working round it by when recorded, closing Proteus x then it seems to play back ok, however with Proteus X running I cannot playback in Cubasis.
    I have noticed your other post & the reply Audiogaff has given. I shall have another look tonight as at work at the moment, I think I see what he's getting at but as always its easy when you know how!!
    Good luck Chris & be sure to pass on any knowledge as will I.. In idiots guide format of course :lol:
  6. cwright

    cwright Guest

    Hi splinter,
    yes, we're definitely in the same boat!

    I did some composing with a Roland JV-1080 about six years ago, but I've done nothing since, and I have little experience with this stuff.

    My first impressions of the PX were a bit negative and I even considered pulling it out and looking for another alternative. But after a couple of days I've started to warm to it. With good samples it can sound great, but that's the problem: getting good samples. As I think I mentioned, I was less than impressed by the Virtuoso sounds, which cost about fifty pounds (almost a hundred dollars).

    For me the holy grail of music synthesisers is a system that has really good sounds for ALL the instruments of the orchestra. Maybe one day....or maybe top quality sounds for all the instruments are out there somewhere....

    It's interesting that you got Cubasis working by closing PX - I'll try that. I notice that PX doesn't seem to appear in the VST window in Cubasis - maybe PX isn't properly installed as a VST instrument.

    Now I'm off to the other thread to ask more questions!

    Best regards,
  7. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    If you intend to use PX as a VSTi, then you can't have it loaded or running in stand alone mode. To use as a VSTi, it has to be loaded within the VSTi host application/program.
  8. cwright

    cwright Guest

    Hi splinter,
    still no joy with Cubase. But I found something about it in the PX PDF manual, in the appendix, page 169. It says there should be an entry in the VST window named ProteusXVSTi

    There are four items on my installation, but not this one, so I'm sure that's the problem. One question: does that entry appear on your installation? I suspect not.

    As per AudioGaff's suggestion, last night I downloaded the latest drivers from EMU and I'll install them shortly. I'll also look at re-installing the PX VST component....

    I really hope we can get this working! This problem has brought everything to a complete halt.

    Best regards,
  9. splinter

    splinter Guest

    Hello again Chris & Audiogaff,

    Yeah still no joy myself, following the advise i went through the Cubasis manual Chapter 16: using VST instruments.. I am having to work round by if recording into cubase, shutting down proteus to listen back. I am only looking to use Cubasis for recording as I am using my MPC sequencer. Chris, my PX manual only seems to go up to pg 100 ?
    Is there a lamens explanation to loading a VSTi or maybe a pointer to which part of manuals should be going through, would be a great help :cool:.... I managed to get PX into virtual instruments in cubasis but still no joy?

    Thanks once agin for the advise
  10. cwright

    cwright Guest

    Hi splinter,


    As per AudioGaff's suggestion, I installed the main PX patch (about 50 Mb) - and it fixed the problem. I suspect the fix was the new version of ProteusX.dll.

    Actually, I hadn't seen the Cubase PDF. It has the necessary info. If you click Help in PX it loads a bigger PDF with almost 200 pages - I found the info on page 169.

    It sounds like you have an entry in the Cubase VST window, but maybe it's not the right one. Before the fix I did see an entry that I thought was the PX one, but it was not as described in the manual.

    After the fix the entry says 'EMU' and the entry to the right says 'ProteusX'. Can you confirm that that's what you see? If it's different then you may well have the same problem as I did and it would be fixed by installing the patch.

    If you do see 'EMU / ProteusX' in the VST window then it's probably something else. The instructions for running PX as a VST instrument were fairly clear, so that should be okay.

    Clicking on the small EDIT button launches PX so you can load preset banks in the usual way. However, the PX window can't be minimised and it appears you can't edit the presets. To do that you still need to run the regular PX app. It all seems to work pretty well.

    Anyway, it may still be worth installing the patch. If still no joy, it might be useful if you could describe exactly what you do and see - that way it hopefully would be apparent where exactly it goes horribly wrong....

    Anyway, good luck and stay in touch. If I can get mine working I'm sure you can get yours working as well!

    Best regards,
  11. splinter

    splinter Guest

    Hi Chris,

    Your a star!! Unfortunately not enough hours in the day at present. Will let you know of my progress though. Cant give it a go until tomorrow.
    Be back then hopefully :lol:

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