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Protools Educational question...

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by unclejemima, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. unclejemima

    unclejemima Active Member

    I started off with Protools 7.3 Academic, what then allowed a free upgrade to Protools 7.4 M-Powered Educational... and now I want to upgrade to Protools 8, but i'm unsure if there is even a Academic version for PT8.

    On the digidesign website, there is PT8 HD, PT8 LE, and PT8 M-powered as upgrade options. What one would I choose? Should I wait and try to get acedemic upgrade pricing for the PT8?

    To my knowledge, Protools abandoned the "academic" version of its software in 7.4, and instead went to 7.4 M-powered "educational", though i'm unsure if this is even any different than 7.4 M-powered "non educational" or if it is all just M-powered, LE or HD now...?

    Anybody with any advice would be appreciated.

  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    Because there are two different versions of Pro tools, one for Digi design built hardware. And one for M-Audio built hardware. You don't get a choice. You have to select the version that matches the manufacture of your hardware. Sorry, but that's the way they made it.

    PT 8? Maybe the academic version isn't available yet? Maybe they're tired of folks only using their academic versions when in fact they are not in an academic situation? Maybe the only way to obtain that is to purchase it through your school? You could also contact Avid/Digi design?

    Just now, you can swap back and forth different hardware with a single version of ProTools. You have to have the ones that are specific for the hardware you are using. They get you one way or the other.

    I don't like those suckers
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  3. unclejemima

    unclejemima Active Member

    Ah yes. Good post again RemyRAD.
  4. unclejemima let me know if you find out the answer as I was wondering the same.
  5. unclejemima

    unclejemima Active Member

    can do. I'm going to phone them on my lunch break.
  6. unclejemima

    unclejemima Active Member

    Well, I've been (and still am) on hold with Protools. I dont know when they close, but I've been on hold for over an hour now...
    I spoke with M-audio first, and they said "that is a good question" and to ask digidesign, as they deal with m-audio educational end.
    I'll keep holding with digidesign...
  7. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    Nothing like great customer support from flimsy companies. RU still on hold? It's been about 12 hours hasn't it? Your call is important to us..... Because we want you to sit on hold like an idiot.

    "Hello you are on the air and the answer to our bonus question is?..."
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  8. unclejemima

    unclejemima Active Member

    well, I waited for about 1.5hours and clued in that i was paying long distance for this as well!!!!!!!
    I called back m-audio, who then gave me a different number to call at digi. This time I got someone in a matter of minutes...but I'm not really to sure I got a good answer.
    My initial question was "is there a difference between pt8 m-powered, and pt8 m-powered educational in terms of features/functionality"
    The answer was a beat around the bush sort of answer. I'm guessing the academic/educational version is near identical except for licensing and price. Regardless, in order to download update from an educational version, you have to contact your educational PT admin...

    Does anyone know if there is ANY difference in the functionality of the educational version???

    I'm going to talk to my PT admin today to see how to get the update...
  9. BRH

    BRH Active Member

    It's exactly the same. Got this from Digi employee.

    What they are doing with Academic or Educational .... is unclear and keeps changing.. to the point in which you are better off purchasing a new upgrade than trying to get special Aca pricing.. because it will be the same price.

    When M-Audio came out with there Aca M version of PTLE, it was exactly the same as Digi version, but it included Digitranslater, a $1300 option that regular Digi owners had to buy. Would allow OMF from Final Cut to be opened in M audio version for $249. I WAS PISSED! I almost bought M-audio, except for the fact their hardware is manufactured at a lesser quality plant in China. I haven't kept up with what they are actually doing with their Academic versions.... and I don't think anyone knows.
    Now we have PTLE8 that looks like Logic and Garage band... Woop-e
    because users complained the white screen was hurting their eyes.
  10. fourone3

    fourone3 Active Member

    As far as I know, in version 7.x there was no functionality difference between an academic version and a 'regular' version. They merely gave institutions and students a discount. That could have changed in version 8, though.

    Some manufacturers do not allow educational upgrades. I think at one point Steinberg did that with Nuendo, but I can't quite remember. Avid might be doing the same thing now. That could be another reason why it's less expensive.

    I don't quite understand why M-Audio would have included Digitranslator in their version of it as M-Powered Pro Tools wasn't compatible with the DV Toolkit. The DV Toolkit is a $1,300 option. DigiTranslater is a $500 option.
  11. To answer your question again no there is no difference. All of the additional plugins you purchase work with it as well. Only differnce is the name branded on the cd as well as the opening window for protools.

    So is version 8 available on academic/educational? That is my question.
  12. I actually just talked to digidesign and my sweetwater educational representative and I upgraded to version 8. Apparently no matter what version you have academic or not, the upgrade is the same. this is exciting for me as now I can run 48 tracks instead of 32 and the new editing window has a bunch of new editing tools for midi as well as a bunch of extra plugins 7.3 and 7.4 didnt have.

    So, to answer your very first post, you dont have to wait for a PT8 academic upgrade because the PT8 upgrade IS the upgrade for academic as well.
  13. BRH

    BRH Active Member

    They call it an 'upgrade' but it's a stand alone....not an upgrade that requires a previous version.
    Best to uninstall previous versions before 'upgrading.'
  14. unclejemima

    unclejemima Active Member

    Thanks again all. Though they call it an "upgrade", its a upgrade that only need a previous version to get the "upgrade" price.
    To my knowledge, the standalone PT8 m-powered version is about $250, vs $150 for the upgrade.

    BRH, are you sure that unistalling previous versions (AKA delete 7.4) will still allow to use the PT8 upgrade, no the full standalone?

    pfactionbrett, your saying that PT8 academic upgrade from 7.4 will cost exactly the same as PT8 non academic, so not to bother waiting for a lower priced "educational upgrade", right?
    I did talk to my PT admin, and they are checking for me just in case, but I guess I know the answer already.

    Take care all,
  15. BRH

    BRH Active Member


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