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ProTools LE 6.0 authorization code?

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by soundstudio315, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Im new to the board, but ran into a consistant problem today the last couple of days. I've been using a G4 dual processsor OS X 10.2.8, Mbox w/PT LE 6.2.1 for the last year. Well It started crashing at the start up of the PT launch program. (the unexpected quit msg) I trashed all the preferences and just about everything Digidesign forums says to do.
    Last resort was to uninstall PT and reinstall. Well I got the authorition code (sticker inside my getting to know PT) but is the code for PT LE 5.x the version that came with the MBOX, I got the PT LE 6.0 upgrade disk at time of purchase. I can't find the envelop it came in where I think I stuck the authorization code on. So I can't upgrade to at least back to where I was at 6.2.1 and guess what I bought it year ago exactly on 8/27/03 so I'm out of getting free support :cry: any ideas please help.
  2. Johnjm22

    Johnjm22 Guest

    Dude I know how this goes. All these authorization codes and crap, it can be such a pain in the a$$.

    Since you have free support, I would just call digidesign. I think they'll just ask for the serial # of you M-box and your personal info, then they'll give you whatever help you need. There actually pretty good about customer support.

    As for your problem with Pro Tools crashing, I find that pretty interesting because I'm also running PT 6.2, with OS 10.2.8, on a G4 and I'm having the exact same problem! I'll be right in the middle of a session and all the sudden I get an error message saying that Pro Tools has unexpectedly quit.

    I think PT 6.2 for OSX 10.2.8 just has some bugs in it. The only way to get rid of them is probably to just upgrade to 6.4. Which will be a total pain in the a$$ because then you have to upgrade your OS along with all your plug-ins and reauthorize everything.

    God I'm really starting to hate Pro Tools :evil: I'm going with Nuendo or something else next time.
  3. I think my free support ran out, isn't it only good for a year?

    Yeah I had that problem to while in the session it would crap out. but that eventually disappeared but now I can't even get it to load. Was thinking about upgrading to my OS and downloading 6.4 see if that would help but of course thats $$$$? but I now I'm stuck at 6.0 and it still won't load lol.

    Been thinking going to a something like a Roland VS-2480CD? hoping that would elminate and cpu/software problems.
  4. Johnjm22

    Johnjm22 Guest

    I would definatley not go with the Roland. Having a computer gives you way more options & flexibility. Not to mention better editing functions.

    I don't think upgrading to 6.4 costs that much.

    Check out: Link removed

    Best thing to do is wipe you hard drive totally clean, reinstall every thing, and don't use your computer for anything except Pro Tools.

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