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ProTools LE drops Reason Adapted

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by Wingedfire, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Wingedfire

    Wingedfire Guest

    :? ok.... I am a newbie and I am getting a basic grasp of my hardware and software. I am using the Mbox and recording using the Music XPC C1 (win XPhome) . I have been setting up sessions using Redrum , and Guitar and Synths. When I save them( in both Reason and ProTools) for some reason I lose Reason from ProToolsLE ( It doesnt show up in the menu for plugins) Whenever I attempt to reload the sessions, I get the window for inactive plugin and lose my drum tracks for the session. Is there something I am doing to cause this? Or not doing? This is frustrating- Ive got three sessions that are doing this.

    Help please!!! :?
  2. theom

    theom Guest

    You should post here if you don't find an answer on this board.

  3. Wingedfire

    Wingedfire Guest

    Reason and Protools LE

    Thanks for the URL.. Off I go..... :D

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