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PTLE question

Discussion in 'Recording' started by sickyboy, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. sickyboy

    sickyboy Guest

    Hey now. Can the mute button be automated? Or can i use it during a bounce to mute one track?
  2. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    If you're meaning turning the mute on and off throughout the song and it staying like that i'd say no that can't happen but you can mute a track during playback
  3. Noizemaker

    Noizemaker Guest

    Mutes can be automated just like faders, plugins, sends ect. You can either draw in the automation or record the mutes as the track plays.
  4. Dave62

    Dave62 Guest

    Yes you can. In the track edit window on each track the window that toggles between blocks ,waveform, and volume also contains a mute window. Draw in your mutes with the mouse and it's done. Or do it the slow way and put it in automation write and then turn it off and on as the song plays and it will record your automation into the above mentioned window.
    Instead of mutes you can also just draw the volume line to the bottom in the volume window on each track and it will do basically the same thing. I put the group window on "all" at the start of a song and draw all the tracks up tite at once with volume edits.
  5. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    I always draw the mutes in guess i just do it the old fashion way. Thanks guys for correcting me learn something new everyday.
  6. sickyboy

    sickyboy Guest

    Thats good info. thanks to all. I'm assuming that its the same with panning?
  7. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    Yep, you can automate volume, pan, mute, and aux sends in PTLE.
  8. Markd102

    Markd102 Well-Known Member

    Don't forget all the sliders in all the RTAS plugins.......

    ... you can pretty much automate anything that moves.
  9. iznogood

    iznogood Member

    you can automate EVERYTHING!!

  10. jdsdj98

    jdsdj98 Active Member

    You must write the mute automation before you bounce. While bouncing to disk, you have no access to any channel or plug-in parameters, but, assuming your computer is up to snuff, all automation written into the session will be processed as you bounce. I have had problems with slower computers properly executing all automated parameters during the bounce.
  11. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    If only PTLE came with a decent manual.
  12. sickyboy

    sickyboy Guest

    You are right about that!! Well thanks to these forums my recording/mix came out real good. My cpu is up to snuff for I build them myself. The automation works great. I would love for you guys to hear it. How does that work? I swear once you figure out PTLE and how to mic a drum set you can really get some good sounds. Thanks guys!!!!!
  13. iznogood

    iznogood Member

    it does!!!

    i comes in pdf format and resides in the documentation folder of your digidesign folder..... :shock:

    wipe your glasses with a clean soft cloth.... :lol:

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